UNN Fully Welcomes the 43rd Elected President of the United States, Barack Hussein Obama, Pt. 2

Obama 2008Alright, this is interesting, here at this school we have a Brigadier General who’s an enrolled student and I heard he say that isn’t it interesting that on this day as President-Elect Barack H. Obama (yeah, I’m going to wear that out) receives his first intel briefing in Chicago, that historically, as black people, we were never privied to such information.  The interesting part she said is that as president, he has the authority to disseminate that information to whomever on his staff.

Well aint that sumthing…

More about that later though.

Picking up from yesterday…

I woke up and went to class on the day after and I went to get breakfast and I should have known by the people sitting there just what I was going to encounter.  Two of the guys sitting at the table sometimes tend to always spout wonderful “barbershop philosophy” that sounds good in all black settings, but loses all traction outside of our community.  The other women around the table were more or less engaging the conversation and of course I had to be the one to say “Look, my day to day struggle is the same on November third as it is today [Nov. 5].”  And they really looked at me as if to say “How dare I say that!” but instead just asked “Well, nothing has changed?”  I went on to say how Obama and the First Family will be a good role model image, but again, that remains to be seen just how that will play out in the next four years.  If the news media that was supposedly in his corner was any indication, clearly they have moved on and are chomping at the bit to grill him on his staff and cabinet picks.

Thankfully, only FoxNews seems to care about that which was the GOP ticket and based on what I saw on Bill O’Reilly last night they were itching for a scapegoat and they most certainly found one in Gov. Sarah Palin who they just mercilessly crucified last night for saying how unprepared and unvetted she really was when McCain picked her.

Yeah, might as gone ‘head and park right here.

I would love to see someone roll the clips of the likes of The Archbishop of Darknes Karl Rove, of Many Chins, Jurisidictional Prelate Bill O’Reilly, Pastor Sean Hannity and Deacon Dick Morris from the past 22 months just see the cameras and television studios covered in the vitriolic, jingoistic venom that they spewed in the direction of Barack Obama.  And then to sit sanctimoniously over the last two days vowing that this man had better be centrist because that’s what the country really needs?!?!?!


When I felt in the mood to have my blood curdled and actually watched FoxNews I always heard Karl Rove or the President of the Bishops Council Newt Gingrich wax on at length about how this country was really conservative and what they really wanted and of course, Karl Rove got the first selected president in our history elected again so, for what it was worth, there was some creedence behind the evil that is the Rovian machine.  Be that as it may, Karl Rove had the audacity to fix his fat nasty mouth to say that if Obama picked U.S. Rep. Rahm Emanuel as his Chief of Staff for the White House, that he was clearly setting up for his Democratic Majority between Sen. Harry Reid and U.S. Rep. Nancy Pelosi (guess Cindy Sheehan lost that race).

Again I say, give me an EFFING break!!!!

I guess I’m confused, I mean, oh em gee, I didn’t knooooow Karl Rove as Deputy Chief of Staff until 2007 was a move toward the center….whoda thunk it.

Seriously, if the shoe was on the other foot, GOPers would have been hollering “mandate” like Bush did in 2004 when he most CERTAINLY did not have one.  For what it was worth the Democrats made sure he didn’t by 2006 midterm elections.

Given Congress’ abysmal track record for the past two years, I myself as a registered Democrat am waiting and anxious and mostly curious to see what would a Democratic Mandate necessarily look like–especially with two wars and an economy in the tank and 49% of the voting electorate, roughly some 50 million people who did not  get their way.

It was interesting to see black folks reactions in the context of class.  I mean, seriously at the breakfast table, while we are discussing Obama, this lady was randomly singing “We Shall Overcome.”  I mean what’s up with that!!!!!

I’ve heard news stories that so the November 4th night, that George Bush had called news crews telling the “get yo ish and leave” ad hoc committee outside the White House that he was trying to sleep and could they keep it down.  And also news stories that Laura Bush has extended an invitation to Lady Michelle O. to check out her new digs.

Also, here are the three main text messages that circulated yesterday that I made it to my phone.

Make Sure you carry plenty of water today because there will be lots of salty crackers out today!!!

Emergency Announcement: All white people please report to the nearest cotton field for ORIENTATION!!

They didn’t want to give us 40 acres and a mule so dammit we will take 50 states and a White House! OBAMA 08!

I guess personally, as wrong as the second one, it was the one that made me laugh the hardest.  I’m just convinced it would be the ultimate fear of many white people.  I mean, some white folk really were nervous about a black man being president.  I always wanted to know what they were afraid of–I mean, righteous people usually don’t get afraid.  One should only be afraid if they did something wrong….correct?

Whatever the case is, my message to this country is that Obama is our president, just as we respected and criticized this office under the past forty-three presidents, the same shall be for this man as well.

Keep on sharing your thoughts.  I’m quite sure the next few posts of mine will be quite journalistic.  Not really requiring a comment, but if you feel so moved, go ‘head.

Keep it uppity and keep it truthfully radical, JLL

3 thoughts on “UNN Fully Welcomes the 43rd Elected President of the United States, Barack Hussein Obama, Pt. 2

  1. So lmao! I guess everyone in the country got the same text messages. Do you have wonder who it the first person to get that message to get around to every Black person? I wonder if it ever gets around to White people? I should start one and see how far it goes.

  2. @ SOcialite

    Well, this is one I got this morning:

    O.B.A.M.A= Obviously Blacks Are Moving America! M.C.C.A.I.N= Maybe Crackers Can Acknowledge It Now! KEEP MY MESSAGE MOVIN’!

    I thought that was funny….lol

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