UNN Live Blogging of Presidential Watch Night


YEah, I’m trying to do this tonight in the midst of the confusion and general calm that is Atlanta on the night of this election that is REALLY looking to go in Obama’s favor.

Yeah….I need a B3 right about now…I feel a shout about to come out before the end of the night.


I’m here on campus and as my computer was adjusting to the immense heat created by about 100 Negroes in our student center here on campus, CNN just called Sen. Barack Obama for the states of Minnesota, New York, Wisconsin, Michigan and North Dakota.  

Why these fools cheered the loudest when Wolf Blitzer called N. Dakota


It appears to me that most of these people are just waiting for the patented Wolf Blitzer  cut where he says “CNN is prepared to make a projection.”

I wonder how the mini fried chicken fingers taste.   Hmm, guess we’re waiting on these other battle ground states.


Alriiiiiiiight, Georgia just was called by CNN for McCain.  Well, that’s not necessarily new news, but if these jokers around here in Atlanta actually knew that.

Someone just holla’d out “White Devil.”  Well, perhaps with only 3% of the vote counted it may get a bit closer as the night goes on.  But clearly as I went to go get some Taco Hell Bell earlier tonight and saw people standing out with Obama-Biden posters on the corner of Northside and MLK over here in the West End—oh yeah, everything south of I-20 is Red country, including their necks too.


Wooooooow….FoxNews is prepared to put Ohio in Obama’s column.  It’s a wrap!


Currently, as CNN calls for Ohio and all these folks simultaneously go KUH-RAAAAAZEEEE, I believe that Sen. John “I tried and failed” McCain is rehearsing his concession speech and Obama is somewhere in a backroom grinning as only he can, placing his hand on the victory speech he’s about to KILLLLLL tonight in Chicago. 

Alright, I wish I was back home.


Alright, CNN’s John King walked up to that board and just gave John McCain EVERYTHING, including Florida except Washington state, Oregon and California.  And the best it gave him was 266.  According to Obama’s current 199, plus Cali’s 55, and Oregon and Washington’s 7 and 11 respectively, Obama ekes out at 272.  Clearly, all we need is 270.  Bush won 271 to 268 against Al Gore if my memory is correct.

Oh Gawwwwwwd….

McCain is done!!!  I mean, Florida is leaning Obama right now.  The chances of McCain winning in Iowa and Colorado given the last polls–it is NOT in McCain’s favor at ALL!

Long live the Obamas!


HAHAHA!  The White Girl is sitting next to me of Guest Blog fame and she just asked why am taking so long to post.  Well….hmmm….as far as I’m concerned, it’s just a formality right about now.  I just texted Macon It Uppity and he informed me that he and another friend were at Ebenezer Baptist Church.  I wonder if they’re going to practice in the necromancy march of the evening over to worship celebrate at the King Memorial across the street.  I most certainly  will be asking about the festivities.

Although they just said they already got a praise break off the ground.


Okies, about the Senate Races.  Right now, they’ve given Democrats 54, six seats below the filibuster super majority of 60.  Also, COGIC Uppity called me up singing “Ohio, Ohio, Ohio” a lil ways back and he said that Mississippi hasn’t been called for McCain yet….what’s up with that?  Louisiana and Alabama and Tennessee and Arkansas have been called—what’s up with the wait?


Just found out that this shingdig is about to be shut down in about 43 minutes.  Errrrgh, I guess I’ll just have to do a stoooopidly long post tomorrow after class—why they just cheered when they said the Latino vote broke for Obama, and random folk started saying “Gracias”—about how and why Obama won and how and why McCain lost.

Well, I can at least say McCain lost because of Gov. Sarah “I lost the race for McCain” Palin and the economy.


The White Girl just made me look at this chatroom she sometimes visits called ChristianMingle and they were going KUH-RAZEE saying that “soon we’ll see a hammer and sickle on the courthouse lawn” and that it was McCain’s bad organizing that failed to get the Religious Right to mobilize to the voting polls.  This is definitely going to be interesting to see just how these McCain supporters are going to react.

Thankfully it’s not the other way around.


Oh, iight they called it for Mississippi finally.

Why black folk getting nervous they aint called it for North Carolina, Virginia and Indiana yet?  Have they not been listening and understand what it means to be a battleground state.  I swear ‘fore God and country that liberals make up the best conspiracy stories–and blacks are the mother of them all.  Sorry, I need cold hard evidence for me to believe foul play.  This dude running his mouth sounds like one of those Itchy-and-Scratchy Negroes who believe everything is done by “The Man”

ChristianMingles update:
Someone just wrote that “any prayers on Obama’s behalf will go unanswered as I highly doubt his salvation.  However, I will pray for God’s will regarding him.”

Oh wow…

They just busted out “Victory is Mine” and changed the words “Satan” to “McCain” 

**singing softly “I told McCain, to get thee behind me, Victory Today Is Mine.”

As I was just reminded by another student, I highly doubt this is what the framers of the Constitution and even Thomas Jefferson imagined some 232 years ago.


I just checked CNN.com and North Carolina and Florida both have upwards of 70% of precincts reporting with NC in McCain’s column and Florida with Obama maintaining this weird three-point lead the whole night 51% to 48%.  Now, Virginia has 90% of the vote in with Obama leading 51% to 49%.  If Obama holds the lead in Virginia and Florida, McCain can have North Carolina, Indiana and Missouri, because not having Florida will effectively have me in tears tonight listening to Obama give his valedictory speech tonight in Chicago.


I just inhaled the last fried chicken wing courtesy of Poo-blix aka Publix.  😉


Alright, CNN gets the big ups for busting out these holograms tonight.  This is definitely a new age in news television.  I saw the Capitol building earlier when John King was doing the breakdown of the Senate, but this Star Wars “Beam-me-up-Scotty” of Will.I.Am has taken it to the next level.  I mean, what is Anderson Cooper really looking at right now.

Hmmm….iono if I like this “via hologram”  whoooooa….what was that lil dance move?!?!?!?!?


Sooooo, are they going to kick us out in 10 minutes or not?


I totally missed the random spades game going on over on the side!!!!!!


Wow, alright, Obama’s up in Indiana with 92% of the precincts reporting.  Am I the only black Democrat who feels halfway sorry for the man?  Or is it really that I fully believe that these two men ran one helluva race.  Both of them starting way back in 2007.  I mean, this country has been through the ringer with this damn race.  I’m tired.  And I for one will not bemoan the fact that it will no longer be 24/7 coverage.

And I most certainly am happy that, as AverageBro said earlier today in that behemoth of a post he did today (I just decided to break mine up into seven consecutive posts, lol) , Caribou Barbie will be reduced to an answer on Trivial Pursuit.

YESSSSSSS!!!!!  Obama got Virginia!!!!!!!!


Yeah, McCain can wrap it up and Cindy will NOT be the interior decorator—ohhh, I got a quickening—there will be a black woman sleeping in the White House permanently for the next four years!!!!!!!!

It’s all for Lady Michelle O.



I can’t type anymore….I’m done for the night…I’m bout to be a wreck.

I’ll catch y’all on the flip side tomorrow when I can calm down!

6 thoughts on “UNN Live Blogging of Presidential Watch Night

  1. Hello there!

    Well….America has spoken….BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA is the 44th president of the United States…..

    A Kenyan-American who had one parent who was non-American and one parent who was American….it is an extraordinary moment in our lives.


    WE run this thang now!!

  2. It’s good Obama won! On BET it was said he deliberately married a black woman because he knew it was the only way to really get a full black vote though we know he really wanted to marry a white woman. What I don’t like is negroes overpriding themselves to the point of disgusting the public! My your manners! Also negroes walking around as if someone is going to shoot their head off because Obama won! Don’t forget we are still negroes! Obama’s election isn’t going to validate negroes! What is pathetic all the well-to-do negroes such as Oprah, Jesse Jackson and many more caught on camera weeping as if it was genuine good for all humanity; not so, it was a selfish revengeful weep. Don’t forget we are still negroes!!!!!!! Every negroe has to be careful, don’t overpride yourself or regression will return to us! Or simply have others revolt against us. You need to be happy for all mankind not just negroes. What is the matter with you negroes! Can’t you think?? Remember we are still negroes! Don’t get to big-headed! Or it will be taken away! Trust me! Anyhow, don’t forget we are still negroes and this is not our land. Africa is our land! This is the white man’s land! They fought for it and won it from the Mexicans and Native Americans! Are you kidding yourself. Don’t forget we are still negroes! You bitched about being treated bad here in America well we don’t need to stay in America! We can go back to Africa! Simple as that!

  3. Too bad that Obama supports abortion (even partial-birth). I don’t understand why he would. A message forum I go to was saying that it didn’t make sense for him to do that because the majority of babies aborted are black.

    1. @ singles

      What evidence supports the idea that the majority of babies aborted are black? Are you sure that’s not just an internet rumor?

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