Obama Youth: To Step or Not to Step

Does anyone remember that story you read in grammar school called “The Wave” when it came to that point in World History (right after they just skipped over ALLLLL of African history) when they’d talk about Nazi’s and WWII and the Holocaust.

Yeah, I just came out an African American Church History class as I write this, soooo…yeah…we’ll just leave my comments to myself.

But the following is an article from the Telegraph that covered the Obama version of “The Wave” out in Kansas City.

Authorities at the Urban Community Leadership Academy in Kansas City, Missouri took action after a video of the pupils, who are thought to be aged 14 and 15, emerged on YouTube.

The video, which was titled “Obama Youth – Junior Fraternity Regiment”, has since been removed, but copies have been re-posted.

It shows 10 teenage boys marching into a classroom, making gestures with their arms and reciting “alpha, omega”.

After coming to a halt, each in turn shouts a personal mantra associating their personal goals with Mr Obama.

The first says: “Because of Obama, I aspire to be the next doctor”; the next, “Because of Obama, I aspire to be the next lawyer”.

Each then shouts Mr Obama’s campaign slogan: “Yes we can”, before carrying out a drill combining the recital of slogans and aggressive physical gestures. The boys then each recite a different benefit of Mr Obama’s healthcare plan.

Joyce McGautha, the school’s superintendent, told US media that the school did not approve of the video. She said that the teacher, who has not been named in anticipation of legal action, was suspended, and that further drill activities were stopped.

YouTube viewers were quick to criticise Mr Obama’s campaign for the video’s content, and to compare it to 20th century political youth movements.

One wrote: “This should scare the hell out of any freedom loving American. The Democrats, their accomplices in the media and the schools, are producing the next generation of Hitler Youth. Welcome to the People’s Socialist Republic of America.”

The video’s emergence comes soon after that of Sing for Change, a clip in which 22 children between 5 and 12 were seen singing a song praising the Democratic presidential candidate. Critics said it was improper to make children support politicians.”

And check out the YouTube clip for further reference.

Well, for context I will add that let us remember that stepping is an integral part of our black culture.  One need only step on an HBCU and see the Ques stepping, for we all know that they wear military fatigue when they step on the yard.  I mean, at our church when we were kids, about the same age as the ones in the clip, we stepped with fatigues on while we quote Bible scriptures.

But again, y’all know what church that was, so I’m sure that’s not exactly a positive.

I’m going to save my opinion on this one.  What are y’alls take on this?

Keep it uppity and keep it truthfully radical, JLL

P.S.  I’ve just started utilizing this “timed drop” of my posts so, for instance, this post, I wrote Thursday afternoon, but it’s not being released until 7am Friday morning.  Just wanna know what time do you all normally check this blog?  Is it in the morning, or afternoon after work or during your lunch break–or something or ‘ruther.

3 thoughts on “Obama Youth: To Step or Not to Step

  1. Answer to timing: I get my RSS feeds in my mailbox so I see your posts whenever I check email. How often I check my email depends on how much I’m avoiding my work.

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