Live Blogging of the Presidential Debates 2008, Round Two

I am grievously sorry “my friends” but I will not be able to do a play-by-play like I did for the last two debates to a death in my academic family.

My computer more or less gave up the ghost.

I’m waiting on a power cord, so hopefully that’ll be in sometime this week and that will remedy the problem.  In the meantime, I encourage you all to check out Black and Married With Kids who will be hosting an actual chat room style session unlike mine which was really me just rambling on stoopidly begging for comments. 

I heard about it from AverageBro and some other members of the Black Blogosphere hosting that live blog as well.

So, I will be giving my feedback as usual, probably sometime tomorrow.  But if not tomorrow, don’t expect a post until Saturday sometime after three:  I have a SERIOUS midterm in African American Church History on Thursday, and a birthday party to attend on Friday night, not to mention reading for classes in between.  Although…hmm, if not a Friday post then, it will be Saturday after 3pm.

Enjoy the debate y’all.

Keep it uppity and keep it truthfully radical, JLL

3 thoughts on “Live Blogging of the Presidential Debates 2008, Round Two

  1. John McCain’s Explosive Temper – 4 minute video

    Brave New Films released a new video focused on McCain’s temper, featuring “original interviews with former U.S. Senator from Arizona Dennis DeConcini, former Arizona Republican Party Executive Director Jon Hinz, former Arizona Republic Editor Pat Murphy, and Eleanor Apodaca, sister of a Vietnam POW/MIA soldier. All four attest to McCain’s explosive anger, three of them with personal anecdotes.”

    Watch it:

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