(What Was At The Time) Live Blogging of the Vice-Presidential Debates

Yup, it didn’t happen.

I didn’t have the happy harmony of cable and an internet signal at the same time last night.  Hopefully next week, I’ll be able to have that combination once again.  Below is my Live consciouness stream of how I was watching the debates last night.



So far so good.  I just thought it was very interesting to see that when the first question was posed to Palin that the reaction of undecided voters FLATLINED when it was her turn to speak.




I hope that I’m not going to be bored by this one.  Well, at least this time both have already turned and talked directly to each other.  For some reason, why does it seem that Palin is staring WAYYYYY to directly into the camera and not at least talk to Gwen Ifill


Did she really talk about Obama’s voting record—did not McCain vote 95% with George Bush.


Oh wow, Palin is talking about the number of years Biden has been in office—OMG, come on.


YESSSSSS! Ifill is tough, she said neither of them answered that question




Who was at fault in the nation’s mortgage crisis?


Alright, Palin said it was the predatory lenders.  I can get with that one with no questions on that.  Wow, she said Joe-Six Pack and Hockey Moms, she soooooo talking to the white folk of this country.  Again, Wall Street, Main Street, what the hell about Martin Luther King Street.




For right now, Biden’s losing and losing big time.  Palin is wayyyyy more engaging than Biden is right now.


So far, Biden used the first personal story.  That always does well with voters.  Hmmm, Palin wants to talk about taxes first.


Sorry, I’m VERY freaked out that this thang keep looking dead into the camera like she’s a friggin eyewitness reporter or something.  Again, when it comes to taxes—how do we expect to keep living like this in this country and not pay for it!??!?!  We’ve GOT to raise taxes to pay for this ish.








Uh-oh!  Biden drew blood first. —-WAIT—did she just say she may not answer the question the way the moderator or Biden wants to—OMG—GO BACK TO ALASKA WITH THAT!!


Biden said that she didn’t want to answer the question about deregulation, and then Ifill asked for a rebuttal and The Moose went on and more or less said I’m not answering that question because I don’t know, but I know about taxes.




HAHA!  Ifill cut ol girl off.  I wonder are the Repubs going to say that Ifill wasn’t playing fair because she cut her off.  I hope they try it—I HOPE THEY TRY IT! 


It’s not patriotic to pay taxes.




Um, let the private sector grow—sooooo, do we need the bailout or not?  I’m totally scared because this Moose is a fool.  Biden is just standing there looking like, are you guys serious?!?!


Pleased with the federal government….really, says the veep candidate of the prez candidate who was associated with George Bush.




Biden is getting heated under the collar.  Alright man, keep it cool.  I don’t want you to loose it.  Uh huh—dats right!!  He’s going to tax our healthcare benefit to give a $5,000 tax credit.  I’ma love to see if Palin responds to this!!!  STOP LOOKING INTO THE CAMERA GUYS!!


Oh wow, “That’s the ultimate bridge to nowhere.”


HA!  Ifill is good.  She said neither of “your colleagues” last week answered this question.




I think it’s interesting to see that the women’s reactions are much more favorable than that—characterized, characteristics—of the men.  The men, according to CNN aren’t all that favorable.


Moose, you’re not answering Ifill’s question.  She asked what promises have you not kept!!  ARE YOU SERIOUS?!?!?!  This is almost the third question you’ve dodged this evening.  She went back to the energy plan of Obama, um okay, riiiiight.


OH WOW!!!  She said “I’ve only been at this five weeks.”  Ifill is a good one, she sticks it to each one.


**rolls eyes**  


So McCain can deliver on everything—this’ll be rich. 




Yeah, this group is not enthralled by Palin.  This last question, she totally flatlined with this undecided (read: white) voters in Ohio.  I guess she didn’t do great with that question.


Wow, neither one of them are doing well at all with these voters.


Did she really go back to energy?  Clearly this is her strong point.  I’m going to love to see when they shift to foreign policy and see how much name dropping is she going to be able to do.  McCain did a good job last week, will she?




Meh, I’m getting bored.




Okay, and energy question. What is true and false about the causes of climate change?  Well, I kinda agree with her on this one.  But, my only reservations about ANWR drilling is that, I know this government.  They may start with this 2,000 sq. miles and next thing you know they own the whole she-bang. 


And how does Palin talk about all of this with emissions and what not, but she lives in a state that has less people than the South Side of Chicago.


Oh, wow, Biden’s talking about McCain’s voting record for the last 20 years—HAHA!! The Mullet was talking about clean coal, does he have his facts right this time.




“Drill baby drill!”  Wooooow, men’s reactions went down on that phrase.


Oh wow, Palin got in a good dig.  I think it was a fair rebuttal about the clean coal.  And um, Gwen is getting at Palin more than once, oh Lord, I feel a spin in the atmosphere saying that she’s biased.


Oh aiight, she cut Biden off—good!




Do you believe in granting same-sex benefits to couples?


HA!  Y’all don’t wanna hear how I personally feel about this.  Biden of course agreed.  And wow, Palin took the very hard-line on this one about not going too far as to redefine the traditional realms of marriage.  But she’s asserting her “tolerance.”  


**rolls eyes**   This is rich.


Alright, the people in Ohio liked that hard-line.


Ifill is good.  “Alright, let’s not nuance this.  Senator, do you believe in gay marriage?”


Both said no.   Oh wow, Palin almost got confused, she did a good save on that one.




What kind of exit strategy from Iraq do you support?


Well, personally I believe in a timeline, so I guess I really don’t have much to say about this one.


Meh, I need a bathroom break.




Oh wow….Palin is starting to stumble as we go into foreign policy.  She better watch out.  Talking about defending positions, dear let’s not go there. 




Wow, Palin had a pretty good run. I’m sure she had memorized that one and was waiting for the right time to use it.


Hmmm, Biden is gunning for Palin.  Why didn’t Biden say that Obama never voted for the war in the first place.  That’s the trump card and it always works.  At the end of the day Obama said we shouldn’t have been there—I believe that qualifies as going against one’s party as well.




Which is the greatest threat: A Nuclear Iran or an unstable Pakistan?


I wish Palin would have spoken on this one first, because right now she’s taking furious notes so she can have her rebuttal.  Oh Lord, let’s see what she said.  Yeah, she’s totally looking at notes on this one.  Po’ baby—what the hell?!?!  Is it a Republican thing to say “noo-cyuh-lurh” for the word “nuclear.”


Yeah, she’s clearly walking on shaky ground.  I must say she’s doing pretty good.  Cramming for the test does work, I can speak for myself on that one.  The question is how much do you remember for the journey ahead the day after.


Meh, I’m not convinced she killed on that one.  I think she barely eeked that one out.




Alright, dear you’re flatlining, pick up the pace.


Sorry Palin, Obama said in the debate with McCain about how he would try the new diplomacy to sit down and talk with someone.  And that was a good point with Biden saying five Sec. of State’s said we need to “Talk, talk, talk.”


Did she say a second Holocaust?!?!  Baby come on now, that will NOT happen to them good white folk.  Let’s talk about Dafur while we’re at it.


Palin is failing on this one.  




What has the Bush administration done right or wrong in the Mideast?


This is true what Biden said,  Rice going over there now is too little, too late. 


Ha!  Hezbollah, Hamas, does Palin even know who are what or where these people are?  YESSSS, an “abject failure.”  Or as I say “EPIC FAIL!”


Yup, there’s the obligatory “We Love Israel” spiel from both of these candidates.  Hmmm, she said it’s not an abject failure.  I thought she went against her party, how sh gonna agree with Bush?  She said that standing opposite this administration isn’t about “change.”


WTF!?!?!?!  She didn’t answer the question!!!!  


Oops, Biden is going for it.  YESSSSS! Biden is saying that thang didn’t answer the question.



Poor Palin isn’t doing well.  HA!  “Can I talk about Afghanistan right quick?!?!!”  Lawwwwwwwwd, she dying.  Sorry, just talk about it.  I mean, she’s going back through her notes trying to recover.  This is such a trainwreck.  She’s dying in my opinion, I’m sorry.


I’ve been waiting for this all night.   This is why I didn’t go to the late-night service on campus just to sit and watch The Moose be speared by The Mullet.


Good, at least The Mullet knows how to pronounce the word “NU-CLE-AR.”


Lawwwwd, what Palin gon say this time.  What’s saving Biden and killing Palin is the ability to a mid-air shift in debate topics.  Palin is sticking to her notes and Biden, I don’t think has looked down yet.  Wooooooooow….this is who McCain picked.


Ooops, I spoke too soon, Biden just looked down and it looked like he was about to stumble and fall.  That’s true.




Alright, good about Bosnia and Kosovo, not a great high from the Ohio Undecideds, but it wasn’t a flatline. 


I need for CNN to put up what the question was.


Oooh, the women went all the way up.


YUP!  Palin got him—Biden did vote for the war.  Annnnnnnd so did McCain, she shoulda kept her mouth shut.  Flatline for Palin.


As she reads he notes, nothing wrong with that, at least she agrees with the Dafur investment.




Why did I have to flip to CSPAN to get the damn question.  Will Americans Support Sending Troops to Darfur?


Are either of them really answering this question?  I’m not convinced.   NEXT QUESTION!


He’ll know how to win the war…


**rolls eyes again**




How would a Biden-Obama administration be different from a Palin-McCain administration in case the VP became President?


Well, biden was ready for this.  Palin is steadily looking down writing out her notes.  Po’ baby.  See, Biden was ready to go from jump.  I’m not convinced Palin was prepared for this debate.


“And heaven forbid….”  Riiiiiiiiight.  Of course it’s much more of a chance with the Republicans.


Wasilla, Main Street.   Yeah, I’m still worried about Atlanta, Martin Luther King Street.


Biden said ask them if McCain really differs from Bush in the major ways.  HA!  Biden just said the Main Street in Scranton  knows that this is some ish and that Wasilla Main Street are dumb.


WTF!?!?!  Her reward is in heaven!?!?!   This is NOT the Sermon on the Mount and you, Palin are certainly not Jesus.




What do you think the vice-presidency entails?


Wow, they really got some undercover animosity on this one.  Okay, working with the Senate and supportive of the president with strengths and weaknesses.  Okay, Paliin’s giving specifics.  I like this question, it was handled well.


I’m glad Biden knows how to answer questions.


Yup, someone who knows how to disagree with their superior and the superior understanding so.


Oh wow, Ifill is cutthroat.  She brought up Cheney and the vice-presidency!! 


Wow, that was such a Karl Rovian response.




MAJOR APPLAUSE!  (I wish) Cheney has been the most dangerous vice-president EVER!  I mean have any of you ever read what the hell Cheney has passed through Congress and what other executive acts he’s gotten done?  YOU’RE RIGHT BIDEN! 




Do you lack experience Gov. Palin?  What is your real Achilles’ Heel? (same question to Biden as well—what’s your weakest trait?)


Lawwwwd, is she gonna answer the question?  She didn’t ask how qualified you are, she asked how unqualified you are?  Ya know, a typical job interview question: “What are your weaknesses?”


If she didn’t die before—she died in my book right here!


It’s official, she’s a fool!




Oh Biden, BIIIIIDEN, you’re FAILING.  Why aren’t you answering the question.  FAIL on your part sir.


Huh?!?!  Was that an official stumble sir.




HA!  Biden was quite clear that McCain wasn’t a maverick on the issues that counted.


Nuff said.


On what issue have you changed your opinion based on circumstances?


I stand corrected, Biden has done his fair share of looking at notes.  Meh, I think Biden could have come stronger on that one.  I mean, not many people know about Bork and the Supreme Court.  Hell, I barely remember.


Wth?!?!  She’s the perfect candidate?  She never has any regrets or anything?  That’s some bull!  As Keep It Trill says, anything that doesn’t blink is the devil!



How do you change the tone in Washington?


Not questioning other people’s motives—what?!?!?  Biden coulda kept that.  You always stay questioning.  Fail on that one Biden.


Okay, I’m a bit worn out.  Yeah, I’m ready for closing statements.




Those dentures. 


What?!?!?!  I love answering the tough questions—bayyyybay!  You aint answer a good chunk of these heah questions.  Wonderful memorized closing statement.  **rolls eyes**




Sorry, but Biden looks a bit off of his stride.  He seemed to be off after his stumble during the debates about “What was you’re weakest trait?”


….as Palin smiles uncontrollably.


Hmmm, both of them have on black.


You’re right, black is a good thing.


Oh yeah, Gwen, you did yo’ thang sister!!


LMAO….are they gonna turn off their microphones.  Ya know they be done slipped up and said something they shouldn’t.   Oh good, I got nervous, cuz ya know one of them might have said something not too nice about the other one.




I love CSPAN.  This as interesting exchange post the debates.  These two are actuall having a real conversation with each other.  Of course we can’t hear, ut from the facial expressions, it wasn’t that bad.




Okay, I’m calling this a loss for Palin out of the simple fact she didn’t answer three of the questions if I counted right.  I’m not saying Biden knocked it out the park either, as far as the answering of questions however.  


My ultimate answer is that Biden won, but barely.  

So, stay tuned, probably in however long it takes me to read through a transcript of this foolishness that went on last night, I’ll type up and drop my full thoughts on the idiocy of McCain and Palin–and contrary to popular opinion go on about how well Gwen Ifill did last night.

Keep it uppity and keep it truthfully radical, JLL

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