LIVE Blogging of the Presidential Debates

errgh...these first pics suck. I'll update later.

Errgh, I’m sooooo running late.


I walked into my friend’s rooom and I could smell the fried fish that I’m eating as I type and greasing up my keyboard.  Omg, did John McCain just up and say his condolences are into Sen. Ted Kennedy for being in the hospital.

My friend Texas Uppity informed me that they had JUST made the statement that Kennedy had been released from the hospital. 

Oh yeah, my other friend Macon It Uppity (aha, play on words) said “Hush, it’s on.”

So far, Obama’s doing well, I think he answed the $700 billion question right.


Q: Are ther fundamental difference between the candidates economic plan?

“I have a pen and I will…the pen’s kinda old…” LIKE YOUR OLD ASS IS!!


HaHAHA Jim Lehrer got McCain together.  He told him, “Well, he’s come for you wice, I want you to respond to him.”  Because clerly McCain’s tax plan is really more for the rich and Obama’s tax cut is for those who are making less than $250K.  Sadly, however, small business taxes are going to go up under Obama’s plan.  But that’s apparently the Republican understanding.

Clearly, Obama found some intestinal fortitude.  So far I’m liking this Obama.

McCain: “I don’t want to go back and forth…”

And John, come on now, lets not talk about votes, when your ass voted for the Iraq war and you’re debating the only one who didn’t!


I need a commercial break–I’m thirsty.  I didn’t know this was a no interruption thingy.

Q: What will you have to give up in terms of spending?

Alright, Obama said….oops I missed it. I was checking my phone.  Third thing, Obama, make sure we’re competing in education.  Wtf? Does that have to do with the question!?  I’m confused B’Orama.  Alright, infrastructure, I’m for that.  So, is going to give that stuff up.  I’m lost.

Okay, let’s see what McCain says:

“No matter what, we’ve got to cut spending.”  DUH!  Tell me something I don’t know.  Eliminate ethanol, umkay.

Lehrer got them RIGHT together, they’re saying that they really don’t wanna give up much.  See, here’s my first tangent.  We live in a society where jokers don’t wanna pay for the ish that they have.  I mean…

wait, “McCain accused me of being very liberal, but that’s really me just opposing George Bush’s plans.”  just had to get that in there, lol.  And then Lehrer cut off McCain who wanted to rebutt.

I’m back.

…I mean, come on now, the only way we can keep spending at this rate and not cut anything is to raise taxes?  I don’t get this.


I’m convinced Obama’s been waiting for this for a while.  He was like this joker is NOT about to show him up because he’s killing with the one liners.  McCain said he wanted to do a spending freeze and Obama said “that’s using a hatchet when you need to use a scalpel”


Yeessssssssssssss, Iraq War!  Obama said lemme speak from the first as far as the lessons learned.  He said let it be known I voted against it.  Meh, he still was a bit professorial.  What he said at the end should have been his opening statement after he said I voted against it before.


What was the controls and what were the variables about this effing surge!?!?!  How do we know the surge aint work!?!?!  900 days without going to Iraq.  But how do we know the violence went down because of the surge?!?!  I need help church!

HA!  He said I’m proud of my selection of vice presidential pick!


I think Obama’s ability to say the question really is “Who’s able as president to handle the Iraq war?” The ability to redefine the question I think shows some leadership and make the conversation revolve around you.  Something McCain tried, but he didnt do well at with this political stunt he pulled earlier this week.


Obama said within 16 months we should be out? Do You think that within 16 months we should or could withdraw from Iraq?  Should we focus troops on Afghanistan?  Why haven’t we caught Osama Bin Laden?

Sorry, McCain, I’m not convinced that we’ll have a wider war.


Got a quiet crowd over here and I’m ready for them to move on to a new topic.  I’ve already said my piece about the ish going on in the Middle East.


So, this is the McCain strategy to talk about what you’ve already done.  I guess that makes sense because it’s dictating what’s ur historic line of reasoning.  I can buy this.  That record is nice beginning back in 1983 with Ronald Reagan.



Obama was ready!  “I got a bracelet too!”  He also said he’s not going to “muddle through.”  Wait, hollup McCain, Obama didn’t go to Iraq and when he did, y’all damn near set him up and then called him a celebrity when he did!!!!!  Oh come off it aint no one buying this bull-ish!


Jim Lehrer: “What is your reading on the threat from Iran?”

McCain: Thinks did I take my Ginko Biloba because CLEARLY his ass aint know what Lehrer said cuz he said “What is….ummm…my reading…on the threat from Iran….” and then it kicked in.


Let the record show Obama is against Iran having nuclear arms!  And would amp up an arms race in the middle East.  He believes in tough diplomacy.  THANK YOU!  Not talkin to muh’fuggas has NOT worked.  This in addition to tougher sanctions.

Oh, here we go.

McCain is against…

HAHAHAHA!!  He butchered Mahmoud Ahmadenejad’s name, po’babyb

…against talking to the people.  I still don’t know where I stand on the non-conditional vs. pre-conditional meetings.  What do you think?  Should Obama meet with these leaders with conditions or without conditions or do you think he should meet them in the first place?

OH WOW!  He’s killing!  He just said Henry Kissenger said the same thing!  I need a FACT CHECK!!  But I’m live blogging, can someone follow up on that for me!

Oh wow!  Obama’s said Bush sent someone over to talk–McCain is looking a FOOOOOOOL!


Did he really say that height plays that big of a role in the wider scheme of things?  I guess nut.  For the record, McCain had a good come back: “Well, I’m not about to set the White House meeting schedule before I’m elected…”

Kudos to McCain.

Uh-oh, McCain’s turning the heat up.  He said Kissenger is my friend of 35 years–am I the only person who is mildly concerned.


Q: How do you see Russia?

Well, so far so good.  Their fling with Georgia was outta order.  He said if they want to be a 21st century, they need to not act like it’s the 20th century.

McCain said it was naivete for him to say “both sides should show restraint.”  McCain said he was looking into his eyes!?!?!?  WTF!?!?! Sounds like witchcraft to me—SEEEEE!!  He and Palin are in BED together with the witchcraft Pentecostals!

Sorry, McCain bores me when he talks!


UPDATE!!!  MCCAIN’S Centrum daily vitamins kick in!  He magically started pronouncing names right.

Seriously, am I the only one who’s not just riveted by the topics of tonight?


What is this!?!?!?  I’m siding with AB on this one, Obama clearly took a crash course from Rebb’n Al because Obama is KILLING with these comebacks.  Clearly since this summer, his debate skills have gone through the ROOF!


Ragin Uppity walks in hella late….I mean damn, the debate over…wtf!?!?!  he said he don’t like the name, oh hell, that’s what I’m sticking with.  How much you wanna bet he gon wanna say something but aint watched the debate.


But you still cool with us Ragin Uppity  you can read the live blog and catch up!


Sorry, I could care less if there’s a likelihood of another attack.  I think they could have talked about oil in the context of foreign policies and I woulda been more involved.


**waiting for the press to upload pics so I can put a big ol picture at the top of this blog**


And wow, I’ma really need for the effing POW to effin’ deal with Veterans of this country!  I’m really not convinced that they think he’s going to take care of them.  Ragin Uppity is over there shaking his head and Macon It Uppity sings the ….

Duh Obama, we know you get your name from your father–and him coming over here.

…sings the refrain to “Leaning on the Everlasting Arms” singing “Saaaafe and secuuuuuure frommmm alll alonnnnng…”



Stay tuned to following blogs for me to fully digest this, what I considered mediocre questioning of the debates.  I think the questions started high and went down from there as far as wide reaching emotions.  Oh wow, there’s some fact checks coming.

Thanks to the commenters who kept up with the Live blogging, and make sure to stay tuned tomorrow (after my own debates and class) and you’ll see what I really had to say.  I guess you can always go to CNN in the meantime.

Keep it uppity and keep it truthfully radical, JLL

18 thoughts on “LIVE Blogging of the Presidential Debates

  1. This is Texas Uppity…I am responsible for the fish that is greasing up the keyboard and will be dropping comments on the blog throughout the night!!!

    Keeping it Uppity

  2. Josh! U rock. I’ve only been on this site once and it was when you first started it. (oops!) Why does McCain look so nervous? I wish YOU could be the one asking these questions. Say what you want, Uppity NegrObama is on point. He looks like he wants to tell McPain, I mean McCain, “SHUT THE HELL UP!” lol

  3. On Iraq, McCains voice is shaking at the start (nervous or controlled rage?) Insulted that Obama’s list of 2003 through 2007 re surge countered well (effectively, I hope). McCain’s wisdom and judgment called to task! Obama is centered with responses!

  4. so the debate is really interesting! mccain is really messing up the place with the bull. i’m almost embarrassed for him. obama is really hitting him hard.

  5. Lol…this is Iraq Uppity and Obama is getting McCain right on together. McCain kees making the most distasteful faces. Obama is on the offense and defense and it’s great.

  6. so mccain has a stuttering problem pronouncing those names tonight… what in the devil! I am tickled pink over here.

    obama is really not giving him a break. mccain isn’t even making sense to my fetus… KICK ROCKS

  7. Obama – Good point, Bush ran to talk with Iran (?) after Obama’s campaign position of talking / diplomacy–he with there again re McCain’s not agreeing to have Spain’s head visit the White House!

  8. henry kissinger said it just like obama stated. now I would hate for mccain to make the un-uppity portion of obama to come out…

  9. 97 minutes, 40 minutes economy /Closing statements:
    McCain–Obama not ready, he has experience
    Obama–Restore standing in the world

    What say y’all?

  10. well thank you all for letting me blog with you all tonight. it’s been real. next thursday same time… so we can watch palin make a fool of herself …

  11. Uppity, thank you for the live blog. It was so cool. I loved having the commentary since I watched the debate alone. I felt like I was right there eating the friend fish Diandra cooked. lol

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