UNN to Sarah ‘Plain and Tall’ Palin: Seek IMMEDIATE Treatment for WWS

I really don’t have much to say, but first let it be known, I don’t like Sarah “I’m entitled to the presidency” Palin.

Real talk, I just need to vent on this one.

I don’t have deep analysis on this one, but that interview just rubbed me the ENTIRE wrong way.  I mean, aside from her accent that has officially irked the crap out of me, it was the incessant “Charlie” everytime she wanted to drive a point home making her sound like an extra in the equally northern and diametrically opposed to urban life movie “Fargo” that somehow made it in the top 100 movies of all time.

But aside from me picturing her as Frances McDormand’s character as the sheriff in that movie, I just realised that she was really channeling her inner Hillary “I have first dibs on the presidency” Clinton.  From the first interview on Thursday night, and she let the watching public know that she “didn’t blink” when she got the call concerning the vice presidency, immediately something didn’t sit right with me.  I didn’t figure out what it was until I saw her make the distasteful comment about Obama perhaps, regretting that he didn’t pick Clinton.

Aside from her stumbles on the Bush Doctrine which after talking with some friends, made me rethink my agreement with David Gergen on CNN because if she’s supposed to be the next in line then I’ma say she needs to know about the Bush Doctrine even if the rest of us don’t know it.  Clearly she didn’t know what it was, but I don’t think that was any more of a sandbagging attempt than what happens with Democrats and other liberals somehow get pulled into the gravitational pull that is Hannity and Colmes.

But what really didn it for me was the level of incredulousness with which she spoke.  That signaled to me that she felt she was entitled to this position–much the same way Hillary came off during the primaries.  Some Republican strategist was on Larry “I still look good wearing suspenders” King last night and he just went on saying how no one treated Obama this way 18 months ago when he was fresh out the gate.

Oh em gee….I had so many problems with that statement.

Eighteen months ago, people could at least point to the 2004 Democratic National Convention keynote address I gave and I remember watching “The View” the next day and hearing the then slimming down Star “I look a hawt mess now” Jones actually say “He’s going to be the next president in 2008.”  As for Yukon Barbie we have a small town to point to–Lenox Mall is more crowded than that on the weekends!

It just struck me that she suffers from WWS or more commonly known as White Woman Syndrome.

It’s more common than ABWS or Angry Black Woman Syndrome and it’s symptoms are more commonly accepted in larger society.  This disease is mostly characterised by the sense of entitlement, some psychiatrists may even call it delusions of grandeur which is also symptomatic of other illnesses.  But that’s for another post.

I think I’d better be able to deal with this heffa if she wasn’t so damn sanctimonious about the whole thing.  I mean her and the Republican operatives have officially made this race between Barack Obama and Palin.  Poor Joe Biden and his mullet aren’t getting any attention.


Then Yukon Girl has decided to make herself even more uncredible by doing an interview with Sean “I still have just a high school DIPLOMA” Hannity next week sometime.  I mean it’s one thing to go on FoxNews, but at least go with a real interviewer like Bill-O.  I mean I’d find Obama going on Keith Olbermann or Chris Matthews no more of a credible interview for those parties interested if I was going to be fair.

I’m just gonna daydream about that great coronation…

Do you think I’m on point in my analysis of Yukon Girl, or am I just that clouded by the fact that she’s unqualified and I have to find other reasons to not like her?  Do you plan on watching the tiptoe through the tulips interview that Hannity will be sure to give her next week? Anywho, leave your comments.

Keep it uppity and keep it truthfully radical, JLL

12 thoughts on “UNN to Sarah ‘Plain and Tall’ Palin: Seek IMMEDIATE Treatment for WWS

  1. Hey, wait a minute… Fargo was a great movie… Even though she does sound like Frances McDormand’s character and people keeping refering to her as a MILF and the fact that foreign experience now qualifies as being able to see another country from your state. This Palin thing is a distraction to fool naive american citizens. The person that should be nervous in all of this is John McCain. I know he likes tender young things but he might have bit off more than he can chew with this one. Hypothetically speaking – lets say they do get into office. After they have squashed the riots in Detriot, D.C., Compton, Watts, and East St Louis then they will focus on their agenda. This is when mysteriously John McCain will die of a sudden heart ailment. But it really was because someone put poison in his presidential oatmeal. Now Palin is The Man.. oops The Woman and she is calling the shots.. BUT she doesn’t have experience so guess who they bring back in to help her along. Dick “Darth Vader” Cheney. Who actually is running the country right now using Bush as a stand in. Again though this is just Hypothetical………..

  2. No, you aren’t the only person who thinks she is a little loopy. But the GOP bringing her out has made me want to volunteer and donate to Obama’s campaign.

    I never really liked Hillary but the behavior she exhibited during the primaries just gave me the reasoning for my feelings. Palin rubs me WORSE than Hillary.

    I hope the McCain Palin ticket looses and they send her to that beautiful country she can see from her farm home, Russia.

    Leave it to her and she will reinstate the draft and all of the “uppity” and “elite” will be first in line to go fight with whatever country they feel like bullying that day.

    She is a nut and needs to be exposed!

  3. I read the Fargo-comparison somewhere else. It went something like ‘people feel drawn to the tough, but average woman working hard and such’ and I think it’s the wrong comparison to make because the Frances MacDormand character was smart and went about her work in a logical way. There’s nothing logical or reasonable about Palin. I was listening to the political podcast of Slate magazine today and one of the participants in the discussion was talking about how he felt nauseated by the Palin-hype, he just felt bewildered and sick to his stomach that she has been accepted as a candidate for the office of vice-president and that there isn’t a mass of people standing up and protesting this ridiculous possibility. Not because she’s a Republican but because it is ridiculous that she, as completely unqualified as she is, could actually end up in the White House. Her ABC-interview irritated the hell out of me because it exposed her complete lack of true knowledge and deeper understanding of the issues. Nor did she show any potential to acquire a deeper understanding or willingness to become educated. She truly acted like a pageant-participant and it was just shaming to watch and to think that she’s actually on the ticket, that the GOP really put her on there. I don’t know about WWS, but watching her during that interview, acting like she did with her belittling use of ‘Charlie’ I think there’s definitely some form of entitlement going on. The woman feels very important…

  4. Tripped into your blog while googling “Uppity” I had no idea there was a direct correlation between that word by itself and the derogatory label addressed here. White suburban upbringing I suppose.

    You’ve got some great points. So does the other side. Its unfortunate that it has to be buried inside the derisive rhetoric of White vs Black, D vs R, etc. Everyone is so over the top on either side. Lets face it, if any of these people were 1/2 as smart as they want us to think they are, they’d all be running real companies and would prove how effective they were by what they produced.

    Spot on about the media bias. I felt dirty watching either convention on any channel other than PBS.

    I dont have all the answers and I know they nor the media will not help me. I will just have to vote with my info and hope that either son of a gun works hard for me and my family instead of their own agenda or banging the chubby intern.

    Bottom line – Good analysis, some bits of looking for reasons to hate, but some valid shots. Good blog, I’ll check back

  5. @Average White Guy

    Thanks for leaving a comment.

    Actually during the DNC I flipped to C-Span. It was still too much commentary for me on PBS, lol.

    Meh, reasons to hate? Perhaps. But clearly I have a bias toward liberalism and many things uppity Negro culture. When I started this blog, I just wanted somewhere to “speak” unashamedly and unapologetically from my worldview.

    But I look forward to INTELLECTUAL counter-arguments to my opinions, I have more than once changed a viewpoint when faced with a different opinion. I hope this isn’t the last time you leave a comment.

  6. Come on Uppity, keep it one hunned.

    How could white women not have a sense of entitlement? They are the gold standard for beauty and all things desirable. White men may hold all the power, but guess who they use that power to try and win favor with? White women.

    If I somehow morphed into the center of the universe tommorow, best believe I’d prolly have an inflated self image too.

  7. Hmm, well, I am still reserving my opinion about Sarah Palin until I see and learn more about her.

    First impressions are not particularly favorable or unfavorable, though I do like her ‘average joe’ persona. We have faaaaarrrr too many career politicians with faaaaarrr too many years of “experience” who do absolutely nothing for us. Case in point, Joe Biden. (aka, the very racist senator from Delaware. ) Can NOT stand that man. Seriously. Obama lost me on that one. Joe is bad news. Now I’m stuck with McCain. Not impressed there, either. I could just sit it out or perhaps cast a protest vote. Neither of those options thrill me, but I’d rather vote FOR someone I believed in than simply AGAINST someone else. Even if that someone has no chance of being elected.

    Anyway, I believe the founding fathers were right when they supported a ‘citizen’ congress. Sarah Palin strikes me as the only ‘real’ person on the ballot. And I wouldn’t be surprised if a whole lot of other real American’s felt the same and voted more for her, than McCain. So she doesn’t have tons of experience, neither does Obama. They both have some experience, and hers is actually more practical than his when it comes to executive matters. But maybe a little less “experience” is what we need. Besides, there’s no better way to learn than on the job.

    No ‘white woman syndrome,’ here.

  8. @average white woman

    Part of Obama’s appeal was his lack of Washington experience. I also think he somewhat shot himself in the foot with picking Biden, my personal vote was for the gov. of Virginia. But again, politically, Obama HAD to balance out his ticket with someone who had a bit more foreign policy experience and state governors usually don’t qualify for that job–including Palin.

    Persona is nice, but it doesn’t pay the bills: at the end of the day we need someone who can get the job done and “average joe persona” doesn’t cut it.

    To Palin supporters who claim she has experience, I would say a) small town mayor is not at all the same dynamic nor demographic of a state let alone a country, moreover this country. Seriously, I’m not against small towns, but a small town from the state of Alaska I’m quite sure is much more monolithic than what’s going on down here in the lower 48. B) Would or could she be re-elected as governor, which speaks to here executive experience.

    I think B) goes the same for Obama as well, but as has been established, he doesn’t have th samae exec experience.

    In this case, I think its interesting because Obama’s from a single parent household and is being labeled an elitist because he went to Harvard and became a constitutional lawyer (which I think is a plus for someone in politics) yet and still we live in a country where we lift up Harvard as some epitome of education, Obama does it and it becomes a liability.
    I would encourage you to vote your heart and move past the identities of the candidates and vote for the candidate that will best align with your own personal ideals and values. If Biden is capable of getting the job done, then i’d encourage you to rethink the O’Biden ticket. And if you feel that Palin is fully qualified and capable of being a vice president, then go for it. Just vote on the issues and vote your conscience. Even if that person is a member of the Green Party or Libertarian party.

  9. Dear Mr. Uppity Negro,

    Bazillionaires like Obama, McCain and Biden have no trouble paying their bills. (How and why being a senator equates with being a millionaire, I’ll never understand) That’s exactly why I don’t trust any of them to represent me or other average and less than average Americans. On the other hand, Sarah strikes me as someone who knows how to make the most of hamburger helper (flambe?). As governor she spent 1/8 of what her predecessor did on per diem and has demonstrated other similar talents when it comes to cost cutting. I’m sick and tired of Government thinking they can have anything and everything they want – at the expense of the tax payer. And I don’t trust any of the other three to have even the most rudimentary clue about such things.

    Give me someone who is more concerned about my money and how it’s being spent than what is happening in some remote corner of the world, any day.


    P.S. I don’t know what all this foreign policy experience is that is being touted for Biden, but it is meaningless to me. He is a bad man. No amount of foreign policy experience (or icing on sh%t ) can change the taste or cover the smell.

  10. @Average White Woman

    I understand where you’re coming from, but the ability to cook Hamburger Helper versus one’s ability to know about the intricacies of global markets, NAFTA, NATO, Middle East talks, the Russian-American relations, the crisis in Darfur, not to mention the myriad of domestic problems that occur in our larger cities amounts to bringing a knife to a gun fight–you’ll lose everytime.

    Moreover, Obama isn’t not even remotely rich compared to McCain who doesn’t know how many houses he has–Obama has just one.

    Secondly, to do a basic fact check would show that the Obama’s are worth at most $2.5 million dollars. Megachurch pastors make more than that–EASILY! And the Obama’s are technically nouveau riche with most of their money coming from his book sales, as a result of him being a presidential candidate. (Which was also the case with the Clintons). The Bidens, net worth isn’t even $1 million dollars.

    John McCain, by virtue of his wife is worth at minimum $40 million (http://money.cnn.com/galleries/2007/moneymag/0712/gallery.candidates.moneymag/4.html), and the Palin’s have not released their tax information.

    The wealth from Biden amounts to nothing more than some smart savings (http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2007/03/24/AR2007032400305_pf.html).

    And whether we want to admit it or not–it costs to live the life that we say is the American dream, either costs need to be cut, or taxes raised which is where the majority of income from the government is coming from, unless one counts the loans the U.S. Treasury takes out from other countries.

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