Meh…Biden, I’m not impressed

I got my text at 3:40am CDT and I was fast asleep.  I rolled over around 5am and saw my little light had went to flashing orange so I checked it.  Frankly, I thought Obama was going to do a switcheroo and pick someone we hadn’t even remotely thought of.  But meh, I was wrong.

I’ma try this new thing called an open thread on this, or does this constitute one because I’m giving a topic?  Oh, well.  I don’t usually get a plethora of comments, but I do get a fair share of daily readers–I check my blog stats ya know–so come out of hiding.  It’s a Saturday, you’re not doing much of anything if you’re reading mah blog, lol.

So share your thoughts on this latest misstep political move in the move toward the White House for Obama.

Like for real, I want you guys to get a conversation going!  😀

Keep it uppity and keep it truthfully radical, JLL

7 thoughts on “Meh…Biden, I’m not impressed

  1. So who were you hoping for? It wasn’t clear why you consider Biden a political “misstep.” I personally think it was a very wise decision to pick someone who has strong foreign policy credentials in this post 9/11 era. Afterall, what else does McCain have as an advantage over Obama? Nothing. And all polls show that the public believe McCain would make a far better commander in chief and would have superior judgement on foreign policy (scary thought!). Biden’s Catholic faith might also help Obama with those Catholics who preferred Hillary.

  2. Hey Uppity, here’s my thought. Biden can do something that Obama can’t: go after the critics aggressively. A lot of whites would not like it if Obama did this, which is why he’s bent over backwards to not run a dirty campaign. Biden’s got a sharp wit and a tongue to match, and has said some really funny things. He can play the bad cop and Barack gets to stay clean. He’s also genuinely strong on foreign policy issues, although I don’t agree with some, but I don’t care for some of Barack’s either.

  3. @Christine

    I just really wasn’t impressed with anyone. According to history, the VP candidate has had barely had more than 1% response either way on the candidate that a voter chose.

    While I think Obama brings a LOT of good things to the table, notwithstanding him taking the Amtrak back home “every” night, he’s still a Washington insider. And that scares me.

    I don’t know how long you’ve been a reader, but I’ve long since called Obama (or now O’Bama) out as to whether or not he’s being true to himself. That being said, I’d almost much rather have seen Obama take someone just about as liberal as he is and stick to his guns, much like the Republican strategy, and dare someone to challenge him–a very Bushian strategy.

    Honestly, it works.

    I fully believe that George Bush could still get elected in this country.

    If I had my druthers, I would have said Hillary–but she acted an ass along with her husband and they need to QUICKLY fade into black somewhere FAR FAR away.

    But, I would have been very pleased with NM Gov. Bill Richardson. I think he’s very well spoken, he’s not an insider, but he does lack the foreign policy experience that Obama is lacking.

  4. Let’s be fairly pragmatic, shall we? Who is dead set against BHO? white male working-class Catholics. Who is Joe Biden again?

    HRC campaigned herself out of the VP position. Her fault, not his.

    Biden, not a bad choice, actually–single father, working class, huge amounts of experience, attack dog, and immensely popular among a group of people that Obama needs for the election…

  5. @ MA

    No, quite the contrary. I was very impressed. To borrow words from Barack Obama on last Saturday, he sounde like he could “be the next president of the United States…”

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