An Uppity Negro Award

I was flipping channels after typing up another blog, which has yet to be revealed and is kept in a secret location, I flipped past the Golf Channel–and I saw a black person.  This black person in fact.


Actually, what caught my eye was that in the interview he had on a bowtie and suspenders, and as anyone who’s seen my picture on the “About” page knows that all what I’m about.


His name is Wendell Haskins and he is the founder of Original Tee, Inc. which is a company that produces golf equipment and acts as a marketing and entertainment firm within the golfing market, with African Americans in mind.  What got them on the Golf Channel tonight was their 9th Annual Original Golf Tee Classic which was to celebrate the legacy of Dr. Charles Sifford, the first African American to play in the PGA.  Haskins, in the interview that I heard was quite sure that he wanted it clear that Tiger Woods  was not the first.  Not to diminish Woods’ achievements at all, but rather that others help pave the way for a Woods or even a Vijay Singh who is of Fijian descent.

I think I may institute a new topic called Uppity Awards which are essentially giving shout outs to members of the black community doing something positive, with an uppity spin to it.  And I’m quite sure black golfers fall into that category, lol.

So if you have anyone you’d like to nominate, just go to the “Contact Me” page on the upper tab and shoot me an email.

Keep it uppity and keep it truthfully radical, JLL



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