‘The Game’ Goes to Another Level

I’m not a big follower of Hip-Hop.

Never have been.

Same with sports, it’s something that I’m definitely a spectator to; I vicariously pick up information about these particular facets of life.  Even though I read Vibe magazine every month, and flip to ESPN once in a blue moon.  I’ll watch playoff games, or I’ll watch a music video with a bit more frequency, but as far as knowing who’s beefin’ with who, or why the latest first round draft pick from Memphis was a good idea or a bad idea based on what stats he posted in undergrad–not my area of expertise.

So, as I did a quick Youtube search to find out about this “beef” between teeny-bopper king and queen of 106 & ParkTerrance and Rocsi–I saw something about Compton rapper The Game crying. 


I just read in Vibe about him dropping the album about police brutality concerning the Sean Bell case under the title of “Why Hip Hop Is Not Dead” on top of the fact that I have special affinity for Game and his “ghetto nerdiness” as I like to call it.  So just check it out and give me back your feedback.

Keep it uppity and keep it truthfully radical, JLL

One thought on “‘The Game’ Goes to Another Level

  1. Interesting post and video. I don’t agree with The Game’s image, but I like his “ghetto nerdiness” too, lol. When you wrote that he was crying, I was thinking it was gonna be over something dumb, but I see where he’s coming from. People put mainstream rappers on pedestals and try to call them socially conscious if they happen to mention Barack Obama or Hurricane Katrina, but when it comes down to it, most of them care more about their own image than challenging the world around them.

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