Unapologetic and Unashamed; TvOne’s Decision to solely air the DNC

I know AverageBro did a story about this and I figured I didn’t need to do a story about it, but today I saw today on CNN Headline News that some guy from Variety, who’s name I seem to be unable to recover from memory or from Google toss out this idea that TvOne’s decision to not cover the Republican National Convention was in fact an insult to Barack Obama’s idea of a “post-racial” society.

Anyone who’s been reading my blogs with some consistency knows where I’m about to go with this one.

Cue Michael Eric Dyson  who has been quoted as saying at a Television Critics Association tour “I think we don’t want to be post-racial. We want to be post-racist…We want to get beyond racism, not race identity.”   Dyson will also be hosting the DNC Afterparty (and why does that sound like some BET concoction where we’ll see Diddy sliding across the camera in front of a mildly tipsy Big Tigger like after the BET Awards Afterparty?)

Anyway, this article that I found from Free Republic is a mess and a half from which I pulled the Dyson quote.  Read it in its entirety and tell me what you think.

It just incenses me because per what Raving Black Lunatic blogged today about because for some, unknown reason, white folk just don’t get it–well at least most of the ones I run into.  I mean, damn, it’s it the same as with conservative talk show, they appeal to their audiences.  Granted, I think there’s a slight difference because when I listened to Bill Cunningham’s syndicated show once–and only once–during the weekend that Jeremiah Wright did his world tour, and it was after his NAACP speech that Sunday, and I listened to this fool and he just fact out had bad facts, which led to stupid opinions which is what I think many conservatives do.

Look, I don’t understand why black people feel that they must take an apologist approach to our culture and our thought processes.  Kudos to TvOne CEO Jonathan Rodgers for taking his position and not backing down.  I mean, it would be a ratings killer if he showed the RNC.  Isn’t it all about ratings at the end of the day?

Of course it is, no one can argue that.  But since we’re on the topic, lets address the dearth of black faces on television in general.  I’ve already posted a whlie back about the lack of black faces on the Sunday morning news programs (I challenge every reader of this post to name five black political pundits between the Sunday morning broadcast networks ABC, CBS and NBC).  Along with the general death of sitcoms in general (I think “Home Improvement” and “Roseanne” were about the last of an era), the death of black sitcoms and black shows happened as well.  “The Bernie Mac Show” and “My Wife and Kids” were about the last of black sitcoms.  Sorry, for whatever reason I don’t consider “House of Payne” a sitcom, let alone worthy of air time, but I digress.  Everywhere you look on television are white people.  I mean, you NEVER hear anyone criticizing Telemundo for speaking in Spanish, so I’m trying to see what the problem is.

To piggyback Dyson’s quote, I think he’s on point.  I didn’t harp on the idea back during the primaries that Obama makes white folk feel good because they can operate in wonderful denial about race and racism (and even class issues) when they vote or endorse him.  It’s finally easy for white folk to embrace this idea of “post-racial” from the wonderfully “incidental Negroness” that is Barack Obama. 

And yes, it all goes back to when he got rid of Jeremiah Wright because he effectively removed race from this political season.  I mean, here where race is clearly an issue, there are enough Republican talking-heads and people from his own camp that are speaking out against this and using words like “post-racial” to make their point.

Just like this space on this blog, it’s all about speaking and thinking unapologetically and and unashamedly.  Why should black and brown people of this country be forced to apologize for their points of view?  Hell, the good white folk of certain parts of Appalachia sure aren’t apologizing for saying that they don’t want a black president or thinking that Obama is a Muslim (and I guess the “New Yorker” frontpage isn’t helping that out, but whatever) so, why does white America expect for us to do the same.

Perhaps its the white fear of Obama being the president of Black America.

What the hell kind of America you think the past 43 presidents have been president over?  If you think they’ve been presidents for all of the United States, all I have to say to you is that “Denial aint just a river in Egypt!”

So do you think that TvOne is being unfair in their decision or do you think that it’s okay because just like all of the other networks and stations, they are all about the bottom line, which is ratings?

Keep it uppity and keep it truthfully radical, JLL

One thought on “Unapologetic and Unashamed; TvOne’s Decision to solely air the DNC

  1. TVOne’s business decision is fair…their audience is not going to be interested in the REpublican convention. And if so they have other choices.

    Also it’s a nice reminder to everyone that this election DOES represent a new day in America.

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