I Have No Words….The Death of Jesse Helms

The Uppity Negro Network, going against traditional Christian love and sympathy is mildly rejoicing at the death of former North Carolina Sen. Jesse Helms.

The following is from Not Southern Belle, but Southern Snob where she received the following top ten, only worthy to be reproduced yet again on UNN:

10. Strom Thurmond now has a spades partner in hell.

9. Trent Lott will be amongst friends when he joins them.

8. Dorothy Helms can now be a part of Juanita Bynum’s ‘No More Sheets’ movement.

7. Now we can wonder if hell has a ghetto, and will they commence to whoopin Jesse’s ass upon arrival.

6. This shows that the stats are correct – the Republican population in North Carolina is on a decline.

5. We may actually get to see Pat Buchanan cry.

4. Maybe the press will FINALLY pick up the story that McCain senior adviser, Charlie Black, was also a Helms advisor and supporter.

3. Tom Delay gets to take a break from being a Grand Wizard to being a pall bearer.

2. We can finally stop wondering why he isn’t dead yet.

1. Once Jesse arrived in hell, Satan did a parody of his 1990 attack ad on black Senate candidate Harvey Gantt, by crumpling a rejection letter, while an announcer said, ‘You needed that life and you were the best qualified. But they had to give it to a minority because of a racial quota.’

Keep it uppity and keep it truthfully radical, JLL

2 thoughts on “I Have No Words….The Death of Jesse Helms

  1. I’m trying to change, and you are not helping me with this post. LOL
    You’re going to hell, and that’s all I have to say abt that.

  2. Just passing through.
    On the death of Jesse Helms, I for sure thought he was dead but then I remember I got him confused with the other racist senator Strom Thurmond. As for the #1 reason, let’s also not forget how Michael Jordan’s (for which NC is his home state) would not get involved and support the black contender, Harvey Gantt, because as he put it, “republicans buy sneakers too”. Words that will stick in my mind for a lifetime and why I frown upon any black man or woman that buys his brand of shoes.
    This was a very funny list. Thanks for posting. See ya around the blogosphere.

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