In honor of Black Music Month: Soulja Boy Tell’em’s Beef with Ice-T

I guess I’ll continue this vein of music with the following clip.  For those of you at work, bust out the headphones, the language on here is rough:

Bats turned me on this one, (and yes for all things hip hop, which I am definitely not check out HipHopDX or his blog on my blogroll) and I kind of had to back down because his post really wasn’t about this, but I realise, I must make a comment about this.

As did some of the 11,000+ comments that were posted under this video that Soulja Boy spoke under so eloquently

**rolls eyes**

that ones that I read echo my sentiment:  Soulja Boy didn’t single-handedly kill hip hop, he killed music as we know it.  His first single “Crank Dat” solidified a definite “game change” as he stated marvelously in the clip.  I mean, we’ve now moved from selliing a whole album or a single, to know making money off of ringtones.

RING TONES?!?!?!?!  


Sorry, I’m not totally convinced at the sincerity behind the words that he stated about how he respected and understood where his forerunners came from.  Honestly, I would go out on a limb and say that Soulja Boy probably couldn’t give you as much real hip-hop info as I could, or if we both we tete-a-tete, it would be a close race.  Now, I’m sure he can quote numerous people that are quite famous down south and only circulate in downsouth arenas, but as far as respecting the greats, I’m quite sure he doesn’t.

I’m not advocating a retrogression of music, I definitely think some of the progression is hot, but if it’s producing a Soulja Boy who is nothing more than an immature 17 year old kid, who cut “Crank Dat” when he was 16, FULL of those sexual innuendoes, and uncut version that allowed this 16 year old to call the women “hoes” and “bitches” –at least Mario and Bow Wow and Chris Brown had to wait until they were 18 to just let “damn” be part of their lyrics!!

I do NOT think that it is “keeping it real” when we live in a world where it’s okay for a 16 year old to produce a song, played on the air that includes in the hook “superman dat hoe.”  Was it more okay for Missy to sing “P*$$%Fail Me Now” –no, but at least she was a grown woman compared to that of a minor.

Now, I think it’s interesting that in this clip that Ice-T, yes the Ice-T of Law and Order fame, disses Hurricane Chris, yes “A bay, bay” Hurricane Chris from Shreveport, La. aka Port City, for having all of the “beads and shells and thangs” in his hair, but how long has Ice-T had that Donna Brazile press and curl set in his hair?

And also, for the record, it’s interesting that the much of the transcript that was heard on the YouTube clip was transcribed for Wikipedia on DeAndre’s, sorry, I mean Soulja Boy’s Wikipedia page—yeah, I Wikipedia’ed yo’ ass!

I’d like some feedback on this one, especially from the music heads and the self-proclaimed followers of all things that are hip-hop.  Have I missed the boat by actually agreeing with Ice-T saying that this lil’ boy single-handedly killed hip hop?

Keep it uppity and keep it truthfully radical, JLL

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