Another Uppity Update

Well, I’ve arrived in Gaithersburg, Maryland quite safely and I’ve started work and this is my first day off since I arrived late last Thursday, hence the dirth of my posts.  I’m not quite sure if this is going to be normal for the summer, that is, me only posting perhaps once a week or so, but I will say that I have been QUITE tired and focused more on work.

Now, I will say this, anyone who knows me knows just how enthralled I am with Washington, DC.  Seeing as how I’m just a Red Line (aka the Blood Line) Metro ride away, can ANYONE give me some ideas on what to do in DC by MYSELF, because clearly a few of my friends have flaked on me as far as me just hangin’ with them in the city.  So, I KNOW that there are some DC readers who come on here, so just hit me up and lemme know what’s up.

I sooooo missed this Hillary Clinton gaffe about “assassination” and Robert Kennedy over last weekend.  So when I come back from our retreat which had rendered me with no phone service for about two and half days, I go on everyone elses blog and officially folks are saying that HRC is “beating a dead horse” and clearly Keith Olbermann just went ballistic on her on the MSNBC clip I saw of him.  I don’t blame him, she should have known better as if to very closely imply that Obama should/could be assassinated and then she can sew up the nomination.  And June my foot about Kennedy and her husband having to wait until that month with which to seal up the nomination!  They were actually popular and there weren’t ANY voices as loud as the one’s now calling for them to drop out leading up to their securing of the nomination.

You aint got to go home, but you gotta get the HELL up outta here!!  (And don’t let the doorknob hit ya where the good Lord split ya!)

Also, I missed Scott McClellan’s tell-all book.  I mean, go figure, the press secretary just letting it all hang out.  Granted I think some of it has to do with his own reasons as far as he wants money, but I don’t know if it rings heavy with the American public as far as him waiting until now to publish.  But, I have some conspirist proclivities, so who knows as to why he waited until now, or reasons why he stayed in the position as long as he did.

For those who are interested concerning my internship I think I’ve made up my mind to do some heavy blogging when it’s feasible for me to do so because definitely this is going to be (this is a new phrase I’ve coined for the summer, so feel free to use it) an “exercise in interesting” because, um…I’m the only black person I’ve seen since last Wednesday, the day before I left.  Well….um….discounting Memorial Day when we were in DC, lol.   But, there is definitely a cultural, not to mention, theological exchange that is transpiring between us and I plan to get some of it off my chest and try and put out my point of view.

So hit me up about what to do in DC people!!!!

Keep it uppity, and keep it radically true, JLL

2 thoughts on “Another Uppity Update

  1. A lot happened over the Memorial Day Weekend. It seems appropriate that Hillary’s RFK assassination reference ‘in June’ (calculated or not) further hobbled her continued bizarre bid for the democratic presidential nomination. Her assured (by whom) victory must be ‘wrested away from Barack Obama?’ Deals with the devil are guaranteed to to end up hellish–devil’s advocates need to consciously tread quite carefully since the doors opened generally (think about it) lead to eventual hellish outcomes for self and others.

    It’s sad too, though appropriate, that the erstwhile Sen. Clinton will have to face her supporters especially in Harlem (and elsewhere) with the critical ‘what could you have possibly been thinking’ queries that will surely follow now through November and beyond–what a strange legacy–I guess she ‘just didn’t know….’

    Glad to have you back on the blog.

    Keep it uppity in Gaithersberg!

  2. there is so much to do in the DC metro area: museums, plays, road trip to surrounding areas (i.e. down in VA), etc. try to hook up with the young black professional scene down there. due to the large numbers in the DC metro area, you are bound to find one group that most meets your interests. and as a HU graduate (the original HU mind you….) hook yourself up with some progressive students at HU (and the surrounding schools). they always know what is going on….my only caution is that stuff can get costly…trust me, i know. have fun!!!

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