An American Problem; not Obama’s

According to CNN, Obama lost Kentucky’s Democratic Primary by a 35% point spread.  He subsequently lost West Virginia’s primary by a 41% point spread.  Obama, in my opinion has almost come off coy about this situation, and doing, I guess, what’s politically the best thing for him to do.  He’s got the numbers of delegates, which is what really counts and Hillary knows it.

And if I can go off tangentially for a moment…

I just think that her fight for Florida and Michigan are stupid.  She was on board for the states not counting.  Perhaps, if she herself had decided to campaign, I would say she has some sort of argument and that she did her part, but she did not.  And secondly, Obama wasn’t even on the ballot in Michigan–she needs to give it up as far as that state is concerned. IF she has an argument, whatever tenous argument that may be, it rests only with Florida.

I could care less about this “alleged racism” that many blacks are saying that she is committing because of her speeches.  LOOK, she’s trying to get as many votes as possible, I don’t blame her.  If that means catering to white fear, well, hell, she’s trying to win.  As dishonorable as that may be, in the broad scheme of things its just interesting because a few months ago blacks were wondering is Barack was black enough and still the majority of blacks were behind Clinton.  Truth be told, I bet SHE’s the one that feels that she was betrayed.

Chew on that for a moment.

Be that as it may, most pundits are saying how does Obama explain these trouncing losses.  Hillary simply says that she’s more electable than he is.  Hmmmm, so far, that’s what the facts say.  Reality, on the other hand, says that many of these people in this small stretch of the United States known as Appalachia really don’t want a black president.

Yes, I finally said it.

It took a while for me to really admit it, and I guess I had to come down from my uppity Negro tower of solitude and look around and realize that some of Obama’s alleged problem is really America’s dirty little secret that no one has really touched on in MSM.  Although, I’ve been at home with Mama and Papa Uppity for the last week and a half, and they don’t have cable, so I’m wary of saying if all of MSM has carried it or not.  Although, somehow I feel sure enough to say that FoxNews probably hasn’t, nor the likes of a Campbell Brown on CNN has either.  (I really don’t like her either, she needs to move to Fox and take Greta Van Susteren’s spot because at least she looks better than that crooked mouthed wench!)

Check out this following clip and then keep on reading:

Um, we have a problem church.

In West Virginia, where 60+% of the voters were 50 years old or older, these folks are saying that they are NOT voting for this black man, and would vote Republican.

Church, we have a BIG problem.

So, the question I’m asking is why is this an Obama problem as opposed to an American problem?  This problem existed before Obama’s name was even on the lips of denizens of Appalachia.  The married couple in the clip exposed what may be more normal white thought, I could be wrong and I hope to stand corrected, but it’s just interesting to hear the words used to describe what she liked in McCain and Clinton, and she was quite clear on the inference that Obama did not do these things.

Come on now, he knows the Star Spangled Banner.

But what I had aught with was “…At least I know they [Clinton and McCain] believe in this country…who we are and when times get bad we pull together because we’re Americans.”



“…when times get bad we pull together because we’re Americans.”

Do, I REALLY need to do a historical roll call of the times when we didn’t pull together, when we were QUITE separate–on the basis of race.  Black folks in this country remember just how interesting it was after 9/11 (yes, I’m channeling my inner Jeremiah Wright) that this jingoistic atmosphere descended on this country and all of sudden everyone was in the same boat.  It came off as though whites wanted us all in the same boat because it seemed like the boat was sinking.

And lemme pause here and talk about the blatant and wanton ignorance of Miss Tracy sitting there in the coffee shop!  They talk about how ignorant Rontreveon and Deondre and Shaniqua and Boomquesha sound on the evening news, at least Shaniqua knows what’s going on!!  Miss Tracy–who probably is doing well by West Virginia standards, I mean she can afford a cup of joe in a nice establishment as opposed to putting that four bucks in her car–sounded like a fool saying she wanted “someone who was from here [in the United States].”

Obama was born in Hawai’i.

I mean that’s Constitution 101, he wouldn’t even be eligible if he wasn’t born in the U.S. Tracy!  Hell, she’d probably vote for Arnold Schwarznegger for president over Obama!

Then once she realized that she had lost that argument, she pulled out the good ol’ WV trump card–“well, he’s Muslim.”

Pauses….  pauses…. pauses….. (I’m pausing to maintain composure….)


It’s times like these when I feel like uppity militant Negro because this is RIDICULOUS!!

Now, Ashley, I thought it was very interesting to see her response when the reporter asked her why she didn’t think a black man should be president and her facial expression and shrug told the whole story.  She was socialized and acculturated to think that blacks were inferior.  There was no other answer that there could be.  If she felt that blacks were equal or capable of somethings, her little world would be rocked.  At least Miss Ashley kept it real and said she didn’t want to have a black president; Miss Tracy was ONE word away from saying that.  But we all know what she was thinking.

Sadly, when I see and hear comments such as this, I begin to seriously worry about Obama’s safety.  Just this morning, there was talk of the Secret Service shutting down the block that Obama’s house is located (right around the corner from mama and papa Uppity) but, um, one need only read the comments beneath that YouTube posting to see just how crazy folks really are.

I’d go out on a limb and say places like California, Oregon or even somewhere like New York, mayyyyyyybe Ohio, in some parts, and Indiana perhaps, those Clinton supporters would for the most part switch over to Obama no problem.  But, the fact that we have life long democrats adamant in their dislike of Obama so much that they’d vote Republicans is scary.

So what does Obama need to do to positively deal with America’s problem and hopefully increase his electability in the General Election in November?  Secondly, would it be fair for me to categorize all West Virginians as “backwards rednecks” because of what I saw on television news interviews just as many white categorize blacks as all “ghetto trash” because of what they see on the evening news?

Keep it uppity and keep it truthfully radical, JLL

5 thoughts on “An American Problem; not Obama’s

  1. This is disgusting, and I feel is much of the reason why many, if not all, whites are still stereotyped as racist. This disgusts me, as a white man, every bit as it should disgust you as a black man. The one thing I try to convince myself when I see things like this is that reporters intentionally report to shock us, and that maybe, just maybe (though unlikely), they have shown us the cream of the idiotic crop.

    I do think it would be unfair to cast this shadow of ignorance on all white West Virginians…. because despite the fact that 75% of whites there voted for Clinton, lets not forget that 25% of white voters, though still a small percentage, still voted for Obama. Let us also not forget that some of that 75% may very well have voted for Clinton because they genuinely felt she was the better candidate. Voting for the candidate who shares the same race as you is not necessarily racism, but in this particular case I won’t even begin to argue on their behalf.

    That’s really all I have to say on such blatant ignorance, the GOOD people of West Virginia should be ashamed of their neighbors and loved ones. — Obama ’08 —

  2. meh…of course I know its not fair, but I just wanted to show that much of this goes both ways as far as painting many with the broad brush.

    I’m not against one voting for one because of their race, I’m quite clear that at least 50% of my endorsement of obama is because he’s a black man. that makes sense the white voters of West Virginia or any state should make indentifiableness (if that’s a word) some of their reasons for voting. the problem is when you say i’m NOT voting for, but rather voting against….especially on the basis of race which is what I see with these particular WV voters.

    therein lies out American problem

  3. I don’t believe that blacks are voting for Obama on the basis of race alone. Some, no doubt, are.

    Ironically, had race not become an issue, Hillary would have had the majority of the black votes early on.

    Without whites voting for Obama in large measure, his race would have been over long ago. It could be said that they believed in Obama when we still doubted him.

    How’s that for irony?

    If there’s a positive side to all of this, it’s that not all whites distrust all blacks; that some are willing to place their best interest above color.

    The negative side: unfortunately, some whites are willing to cut off their nose to spite their face. Self-interest, which should prevail most of the time, is sacrificed because of the racial divide. This allows these whites to stay true to an outmoded belief in the inferiority of blacks.

    Many of those whites, I’m afraid, will reincarnate as their own worse nightmares.

    How’s that for cosmic irony?

    What I see in certain cases is the fear of the Slave master over the prospect that if the slaves take over the big house, how will he and his family be treated.

    And the other: blacks should not aspire to power over whites, they should know their place and stay in their place.

    Finally, things are moving too fast: we’re hardly fully integrated and they think they’re as good as we are.

    Sad state. Why do they call this country great?

  4. They call this country great because you can do what you want, pending funding of course. It’s a strange predicament. Hillary was to be the first female President and somehow it all disappeared. I think Obama wins the GE because of McCain being the candidate. The bluedogs in the south would then become the enemy of change since the the repugs are neutered. Strange.

  5. Wow!! The racism doesn’t bother me because I want to know who my enemies are. It’s the level of ignorance that comes along with it that is frightening. Obama doesn’t have a problem with white folks “just a certain kind of white folks” Very disturbing….

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