Obama joins the ranks of uppity Negroes?

Barack Obama on his misspeaks.I’ve been told that I’ve been quite verbose in my last few posts, so hopefully this will be a short one, but I can’t make any promises.

As I sit here watching “Obama’s ‘Bitter’ Battle” on CNN News around 6pm Eastern time, I hear some white people saying that the Clinton’s are hedging around this word of “uppity” and substituting it for “elitist.”  Obama, of course, rejects the idea that there are racial undertones.  Now, as I watch Lou Dobbs wax poetically, (and he’s soon to join the ranks of a Bill O’Reilly, not quite Sean Hannity though) about how much a mess Obama is, I just can’t help but wonder is Obama “uppity” and do others view him as such.

At one of the famous town hall meetings Obama was holding within the last 24 hrs., a white guy stood up and suggested this idea of “uppity” and went on to say that he personally had no problem with his president being educated. 

Well, who else but I to speak about all these uppity–for this is the Uppity Negro Network.

I posted a comment on Average Bro’s blog that Hillary needs to be quite careful about how much she harps on this issue for a number of reasons.  Problem number one is that she does not have this nomination sewn up by any stretch of the imagination, and her words will definitely become fodder for the Republican machine post the parties’ convention season.  Another problem, and a bigger problem for me personally is that she seems to be the pot calling the kettle black.  Hillary was the one born and raised in a two parent household in Park Forest, this was not the single parent household that Barack endured.  Granted Barack (who will be called Barry from now on) had this international lifestyle which also affords him privilege high above many others, but if anything it places his hand level with that of the Clintons.

And since we’re on the issue of elitism, McCain ought not open his mouth because his wife is heiress to a beer manufacturer.  I believe the same goes for all presidents since Abraham Lincoln, and definitely since Teddy Roosevelt in the 20th and now 21st century–one need only bring up the name Kennedy.  Since America is not a monarchy, we don’t have kings and queens and dutches and dutchesses, but rather presidents, senators and representatives. 

Clinton made more money than Barry ever did according to her tax forms.  That’s fine, no one is complaining about that, but I think Clinton’s display was more of an insult to me as a voter, and an uppity Negro voter at that. Politicians, I’m quite sure, have to fight quite hard to maintain their humility when they roll into towns with their large tour buses and entourages.  Frankly, I think any small town voter who truly believes that Clinton’s statements against Barry has aligned her with them is fooling themselves.  I’d go out on a limb and say that she’s no less or no more aligned with small town America than Obama is himself.

On a side note, I think it’s interesting that most people are focusing on this idea of “guns” and “religion” and somehow sidestepping this issue of immigration.  Was it really because of the fact that what Obama said rings quite true in small-town America?   Hmmm, food for thought isn’t it.

I think this was short enough, if it wasn’t oh well.  Leave your comments please.  (wow, I wrote this blog in 15 minutes total!)

Keep it uppity and keep it radical, JLL

2 thoughts on “Obama joins the ranks of uppity Negroes?

  1. What’s up with the ‘Barry’? Is it uppity? Does being uppity mean that you have to change an African name? Has the heart of the Uppity Negro accepted that?

    It’s like being called ‘Larry’ when your name is Lawrence and no one near and dear to you addresses you that way and while being unconscious, you fail to correct the ‘Larry’ namer because to be aknowledged at all by others is to be validated?

    Brother, please–or make it plain on the ‘Barry’ thing.

  2. “Barry” was a name that I read on another blog (www.averagebro.com) and I thought it was just interesting and fascinating because I had once heard him being called that on one of the many cable news programs that I listen to.

    I think it’s interesting to associate “uppity” with “chang[ing] an African name” and then juxtoposing it with a name of European derivation. It’s a nick name that many white Americans in my experience have done with no ease, irrespective of race. If one’s name has even the remote possibility of being shortened, then it is.

    Just ask Condi.

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