An Open Letter to Senator Hillary Clinton


Dear Sen. Clinton,

I am quite concerned after your victories last night and your decision to stay in the Democratic Primary race that you, yes you, are threatening to seriously divide the Democratic Party as we know it.  Why do I say that?  It’s simply because of your need and desire to be the frontrunner at all costs and failing to look at the bigger picture, which is the overall welfare of the country.

We’ve already watched you turn on the waterworks at a New Hampshire diner and whether or not it was an act, you won the New Hampshire primaries and ever since then it’s been a slippery downhill slope until yesterday.  I believe in giving congratulations when they are in order, so congratulations for winning the Rhode Island, Ohio and Texas primaries, but you did so at a great cost.  What you have done in the course of this primary race is alienate the less delegate-rich states (particularly those in the heartland) and I guarantee that you have seriously alienated the African American voters across this country.

I can say that after last night’s elections, that if a General Election were held next Tuesday and you, Sen. John McCain and Ralph Nader were on the ballot, my vote would go to Ralph Nader.  For all intents and purposes, Sen. McCain is a moderate Republican and not the end of the world as far as I’m considered.  One need only remember the 1968 Democratic Primary to understand just how a divided party operates by the fall–a Richard “Tricky Dick” Nixon comes up the middle and wins the General Election vote. 

There is nothing in my fiber that wants to vote for you in any election.  You do NOT have the same crossover appeal that Sen. Obama has, and you have failed to adequately speak to the needs of the African American voters in the face of a Sen. Obama.  I would contend that if somehow you win the Democratic nomination that your biggest uphill battle will be uniting a party of which about half did not want you to be the nominee in the first place.  Because the chances of this going to a brokered convention, where the back room dealing expertise of both you and your husband will be utilized against the superdelegates, is quite high at this point, fighting against Sen. McCain will be among the least of your worries.

Your negative campaigning against Sen. Barack Obama acts as a two-edged sword: it shows the desperation of your campaign and your movement and what do you really stand for and it provides fodder for the Republican Party if you don’t win the nomination, which is also still a possibility.  I had never seen a more acerbic comment from you during this campaign than the “I think that I have a lifetime of experience that I will bring to the White House. I know Senator McCain has a lifetime of experience to the White House. And Senator Obama has a speech he gave in 2002” and I knew that you were desperate.  But I’m shocked that you desperate to the level of selfishness that you’d rather see the demise of the Democratic Party, one that you claim to love in so many ways, rather than see Sen. Obama with the nomination.  Because just as clear as one can hear the vile verbiage that you have spewed from your mouth toward your opponent, I could clearly see that soundbyte being played on a commercial followed by “My name is John McCain and I approve this message.”

If you want this nomination, go about it in an honorable way.  You need to be uniting the party and negative campaign ads, sulfurous sound bytes at press conferences and this downplaying of the states with less delegates is NOT the way to get this job done.  Not to mention, you have got to do better with the African American community where on average you are only getting 10-15% of the African American vote.  I cannot speak on the Latino/Hispanic vote, but I will say that every black person I know who voted in Texas was quite disillusioned after last night’s loss to you, and that you haven’t done anything that would make them want to vote for you.

You have some tough decisions in the weeks ahead with the Wyoming caucus, Mississippi and Pennsylvania: will you be worthy of the Democratic Party’s nomination or will you only be worthy of your own desperation?

 Keep it uppity, JLL

7 thoughts on “An Open Letter to Senator Hillary Clinton

  1. So I take it you won’t be making any charitable campaign contributions to the “Hilary for President in 08” fund???

    And Ralph Nader???

    I Feel 2000 all over again, Lord Help Us

  2. I definitely feel a 2000 all over again, and maybe I’m being presumptuous by saying I’d cast my vote for Ralph Nader, but I know that if I cast a vote for Hillary Clinton it wouldn’t be a free conscience. But, I just wanted to drive home my overall point that Clinton is quickly becoming a wedge for a large part of Democratic Party who supports Barack Obama.

  3. Irregardless of the shenanigans I can’t vote for John McCain. The last time America thought it was electing a moderate Republican who wouldn’t do much damage we got George W.

    Hillary may bug, but I’m voting for whoever the Democratic front-runner is. That’s all I care about. I realize that I’m on the pragmatic end of the pick-a president pool, but if you’re for abortion rights, gay rights, civil rights, womens’ rights and want the war to have an endgame it doesn’t make sense to do anything that would allow McCain to become president. He’s the “moderate” Republican from Arizona who was against the MLK day being a federal holiday and his state was the last one to vote for it. He’s anti-abortion. He’s promised to appoint even MORE conservative judges to appease the fringe. And he likes the war.

    For me, voting for him doesn’t make sense. Hate Hillary but love America more. That’s all I’m saying. It wouldn’t be the first time I held my nose and voted for someone.

  4. I am quite torn myself. Two weeks ago, I felt that while I want Obama to be our next president, we still could settle for Hillary if she did indeed win the nomination. But now, I am just livid. The negativity of her campaign is reminiscent of some type of corny “Saved by the Bell” episode involving a student govt election. She constantly goes out of her way to fabricate things about Obama to persuade the voters who don’t know any better. I am trying to remain patient but I was so prepared for her to concede after Texas and Ohio but those states threw a snag into our plans. As far as Nader… I can’t. Though many may say that its the equivalent of not voting; if it were a Hillary/McCain/Nader trio on my ballot, I’d probably write my own name in.

  5. you’re right Jason, I’m equally just as torn. Because I know right now at this juncture in the elections that I would not be voting for Hill’ry.

  6. Clinton was a good president, and there is no reason to believe his wife wouldn’t be as good. That said, I don’t like the way she dealt with this campaign and I prefer Obama as well, but please let’s all be reasonable and vote for whoever is the Democratic candidate.

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