UNN to Hillary Clinton: Buy Immodium AD


Obamawatch 2008! Continues

I am convinced that given the clean sweep of Saturday and Sunday’s caucuses and primaries of Washington, Louisiana, Nebraska and Maine that Hill’ry is you-know-whatting in her pants and it is the advice of The UNN to buy Immodium AD to stop this from happening.  This will continue to occur in the ensuing months and next year as she will have to get used to familiar terms such as “Democratic nominee Obama” and other unsettling phrases such as “the frontrunner against John McCain” and yes even “President-elect Obama” and prayerfully she will also have to stock up on electrolytes to prevent dehydration because I’m not sure if she could fully handle the third Saturday in January 2009 when she will have to get used to “President Barack Obama.”

And if this weekend’s primaries were not enough, let the record show that Obama even beat her husband in the Grammy’s on Sunday night for his audio reading of The Audacity of Hope: Thoughts on Reclaiming the American Dream over Bill Clinton’s nomination for Giving: How Each of Us Can Change the World.  So as these two beat it out for the Mylanta and Pepto-Bismol (nausea, heartburn, indigestion–upset stomach–DIARRHEA–YEA!) and even the Immodium AD in the bathroom, Obama still has one more hurdle to cross–TEXAS!

I’m somewhat skipping over the Chesapeake Primaries on the basis that D.C. and Maryland will probably go in Barack’s favor.  Now Virginia may prove to be tedious night for both candidates however, but, clearly the momentum is in favor of Obama.  However, Texas is going to proove a formidable foe for Obama because of the high concentration of Latino and Hispanic voters, they simply do NOT know who he is.  But, Obama has more than enough time to get his name out there and campaign effectively in western Texas where there are higher concentrations of Latino’s and Hispanics.

I will take this time to echo some of the sentiments that I heard from CNN last night conerning this issue of immigration.  Most people refer to those who come over here undocumented as “illegal immigrants” and I noticed specifically that the Latina woman referred to them as “undocumented workers” and even though I disagree with that term; lets call an apple and apple and an orange an orange and not sidestep the true identity by just referring to them as fruit, I was empowered to see her redefine for herself what she saw as the problem.  Although, these Mexican illegal immigrants would create a lower rung on the job ladder, this pundit was correct by debunking the myth that these workers are taking the jobs that previously unskilled African American workers would take.  Now, I believe that in some economic subsets such as Texas or California where there are many higher concentrations of undocumented workers from Mexico that this actually could pose a problem–why because in this country we’re all about profit and these workers will work for wages severely less than what born and bred American’s will work for.

Now as I go off on a tangent, the question in my mind is why are they coming over here?  What about the United States is so appealing to them?  Well, I suggest that its all part of the master plan of this North American Union that no one is talking about.  Mexico is allowing their citizens to slowly take back the land that was once theirs under the guise of this tacit immigration into what are now United States’ borders.  After all is said and done, do NOT be shocked if we end up with another Mexican-American war this time waged on behalf of Mexico and those in the Southwest will be forced to live and submit to Mexican law and the United States is going to look quite dumbfounded.  Or else simply, as my mother states, we’re headed to this coffee colored generation where everyone is a light mocha brown color. . . .

Be that as it may, Obama needs to let them know that he is there and that he is electable.  Not doing so would be committing political suicide particularly as we stand a big possibility of headed toward a brokered convention.  (You can tell I’ve been watching too much CNN.)  I had never heard the term either because quite frankly, I don’t remember this much hoopla over presidential primaries before, but that’s because there hasn’t been a brokered convention, according to Jeffrey Toobin in none of the lifetimes of the people on that particular CNN panel.  Now I’m not sure how old they were, but the last Republican brokered convention was in 1948 resulting in the nomination of Thomas Dewey who as we all know lost to Harry Truman.  And the last Democratic brokered Democratic convention was in 1952 resulting in the nomination of Adlai Stevenson who lost to the war general Dwight Eisenhower.  The last time a Democrat won the general election from a brokered convention was the inaurgural term for Franklin Roosevelt in 1932 according to UNN sources.

Well, all that sounds real complicated doesn’t it?

My problem is that it results in no more than politcal back door, cigar smoke-filled back room, elitist politicking that effectively removes the people from the process.  A brokered convention happens when one nominee fails to get to that magic number (1,191 for the Republicans and 2,025 for the Democrats) and then the various candidates begin pandering to certain delegates asking them to trade their votes for other delegates and it really results in political manuevering on a level that this current generation has not seen.  Although, one need think back to our President-select from 2000; it was the epitome of political manuevering that allowed for the Supreme Court to ultimately select our 43rd president.

This issue of states’ rights and this electoral college/delegate process will be reviewed once again and like in late 2000 and early 2001, the Constitution will remain unchanged; a Constitutional amendment would require ratification from 2/3d’s of the states and not unless 2/3d’s of the states feel disenfranchised nothing will happen.

So, to Sen. Obama, one way to avoid all of this and to prevent Clinton from demanding that her vote in Florida and Michigan counted is to win Ohio and Texas on March 4th and all of the other states will probably suffer from the bandwagon effect and you’ll be alright.

Keep it uppity, JLL

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