Why I Can’t Praise White Jesus

This is another post from a Facebook note from May 9, 2007  
The dominant culture in the global society is white, male and heterosexual.

The following piece is not a rant or a diatribe against white people nor is this piece written as an invective against the white race. However, this is a piece that is written to uplift my African and American ancestry. I am a proud African American and don’t want to be anything else.

When white people embraced Christianity they flipped everything upside down and Europeanized everything and made everything that was not white, evil. Meaning that everything of color was bad. This is why when white missionaries went to African and Asia, they told the indigenous people of the lands that everything–down to their name–was heathen and not Christian. In order to be “saved” white people made the African and Asians change their names from what their mothers and fathers named them, to in order be named by Europeans.

I cannot understand why we hold up this Michaelangelean portrait of Jesus! Michaelangelo did not see Jesus no more than you or I did–Michealangelo was painting a picture of his relatives!!!! So of course Michaelangelo would paint a white man. So when all of these people run around and say they have visions and say Jesus looks just like he did in the picture I really the validity of their vision.

So, if white, heterosexual males are the dominating class and race why should I worship and follow and image that they portray? Why should I support and embrace something that was used to oppress me? This is why, for me, I unequivocally cannot embrace white images of biblical characters. Particularly that of Jesus.

Imagine in the pre-civil rights period here in America where in black churches, pictures of a white Jesus hang, but yet outside of the church building a white face was that of oppression–how can one worship the oppressor? This is why liberation theology preaches that Jesus and God embodies that of the marginalized and oppressed.

8 thoughts on “Why I Can’t Praise White Jesus

  1. Maybe the problem is that we praise and worship the historical Jesus when he himself never told us to praise and worship anyone but his father (God) who sent him.
    (Just something I wonder, I could be wrong)

  2. I believe you’re right Bro. Billy. There is nowhere in the text that Jesus says to worship him, but rather the instruction is to follow him.

    But I guess since Jesus is the “image of the invisible God” maybe many of us have too high of a christology in the first place.

  3. I think its boohatch hows bout darkies eat up all the watermelon and coolade and corrupt the best of whites like Jacob Dalpe. If i had a nickle for every time i didnt like darkies i would hate them alot. fuck niggles. If they would only quit counting their chickens before they hatched we wouldnt be in this mess. Everybody knows those in last take out the trash. Chef Boyardee once said if black people were tomatoes i wouldnt make italian food.

  4. I have many problems with Christianity. We get the informaion from the Bible which was written hundreds of years after Jesus died. So, the folks who wrote the Bible did not know Jesus and were not witnesses to what happened. We know the results of he said, she said. The story gets completely changed after only a few passes between folks. Also, the story about Jesus is way too familiar with pagan stories before Jesus.. virgin birth etc. Futhermore, the Bible is supposed to be the authority. The Bible condones or at least tolerates slavery and idiotic things about women. For example, if a man comes into your house and is beating you and your wife helps you out and accidentally touches his testicles, she should be put to death. Who in their right mind would agree with that? Well maybe in some Islamic countries today, but we can see how backward some of the thinking in the Bible was. If my God thinks I ought to be a slave and be okay with that, then I’d rather go to hell. I’m not buying it.

    1. The Bible is God’s living Word. The people who wrote the Bible were moved by the Holy Spirit who is Truth. A lot of things that happened back in the day were customs of that day and age and shouldnt be taken literal. God is love and He loves you more than you’ll ever know. Ask the Holy Spirit to show you the truth, believe that He will, and He will do it.Don’t let Satan deceive you, he only wants to kill and destory you.

  5. Actually we are not supposed to worship an image be it White or Black because that would be called idolizing which is an act God is against. I do agree that the image that HAS been portrayed as Jesus is false, it says in Revelation and Daniel that Jesus and God had hair like wool. So if referencing the scriptures of what our Savior looked like, the images that we have been shown all our lives is pure deception.

  6. if we are counting the cost to the African community we have loss a lot in finincial terms. Lies are still been told and money is made, the African male is still been ridiculed from childhood to manhood. It takes a strong family to hold on to its sons teaching them wisdom without using the European tool the whip.

  7. Because in the bible it says he had skin like bronze and white hair like wool as white as snow and eyes Like Fire now tell me why would I praise a “white gawd ” if I have all the knowledge of how he looks right there . If he has skin like me I’m going for him and plus it’s only 35% Of the bible real . Then Muhammad Ali was the prophet going around telling people about his God My God Is Allah And Musliums Are black We originated everywhere except America . Why u think we’re being brought into drugs and killings and celebrities are getting paid by the white man laughing at us cause they are living in billion dollar mansions while whipping their asses with money but y’all young folks wanna go to clubs and be lazy be sucked into the Devils trap by opping what Allah wants and needs us to do by getting right with him since y’all love being a follower become a follower of allah and save yourself they say children are the future but the government is trying to take over please listen to your dreams they mean more than you think so past present and future but truly enough nobody listens to their parents no more because they parents are out being babies and kids themselves and this music and the drugs and pure pressure Omgg what happened to the grandmothers . Know thy self and love one another and keep peace

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