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The Lack Thereof… Intellectual Black Religious Communities

I think I’m going to start a new series, not that I’ve been super successful with my others, but alas, here goes. I know it’s pretty doom and gloom to write about the “lack thereof” particularly in the black communities of this country, or even various other cultural observances, but I do believe that if … Continue reading

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Reclaiming The Black Blogosphere: We Must Do Better

My friend over at The Critical Cleric had long since said that the black political blogosphere did nothing for him. He went on to elaborate that many writers, he felt, didn’t give enough critical analysis of their own opinions and thoughts and generally just went off the cuff and went forward. At the time, about … Continue reading

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Hip Hop and the State of the Black Church, pt. 1

When dealing with the hip-hop generation and most certainly what M.K. Asante, Jr. refers to as the emergence of the post-hip hop generation, one must understand that much of the state of affairs within the inner cities is a result of a systemic governmental policies on the federal, state and local levels.  At issue is … Continue reading

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An Uppity Negro Response to Eddie Glaude’s “The Black Church is Dead”

The following is a response piece from a forwarded article to me by one of my readers and Twitter followers @tsboddy on a piece that Princeton professor Eddie Glaude, Ph.D. wrote for the Huffington Post entitled “The Black Church is Dead.”  Clearly this is up my alley and I’ve finally gotten around to responding to … Continue reading

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Yes, I Watched the FAMU Sex Tape

Okay, I watched the FAMU Sex Tape. I know I was supposed to give a response to Eddie Glaude’s article about the death of the Black Church, but this just seemed a bit more pressing. So some time last night, on Twitter of course, I started seeing one of my followers talk about a FAMU … Continue reading