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Jesus Isn’t the Reason for the Season

I know that this is a weird and quite unusual statement, especially from a self-professed Christian.  However, we always hear the statement, that Jesus is the reason for the season, and although I’m mostly in aggreance with that statement, I’d like to take that particular philosophy to task for a moment. Let’s go to work. Many … Continue reading

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What did Andrew Young say about Sen. Barack Obama?

First things first.  You all should know that I don’t “do” FOXNews, but its the only regular news story that I could find that wasn’t an opinion piece. Now, lets deal with Ambassador Andrew Young. I read the story, and my issue wasn’t that Young felt comfortable enough to kid around about Bill Clinton’s alleged “blackness” … Continue reading

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Christian groups slam new Kidman children’s movie

I’ll never understand the “religious right” here in the United States.  Understandably, Christianity is the predominant religion here in this country, but I fail to see how the “religious right” in fact has the right to act as the final arbiter on all things religious.  The fact that conservative Christians, and even Roman Catholics to some … Continue reading