The Continuing Blackness of “Black-ish”

A week later, ABC’s last week #1 comedy, “black-ish” dropped from that position, losing 24% of their audience from last week (however ABC is quick to point out that this is still the strongest showing of a show in the slot immediately following the Emmy Award winning “Modern Family”). Also, while dropping in the number of […]

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When Keeping It Real Goes Black-ish

“Black-ish picks up the conversation the Huxtables were having when the cameras weren’t on.” –myself, 9/24/2014 To round off ABC’s Wednesday night line-up with millennial sit-coms using the pre-year 2000 format of focusing on the American family, after three back-to-back shows focusing predominantly on Anglo-Saxon families, there is a black family.  Well, I guess they’re black-ish. […]

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