The Uppity Negro Has a Podcast!

Just so you know, I have a podcast. Myself and former current bloggers Jay from and RiPpa from the Intersection of Madness and Reality have joined vocal forces and are doing a podcast. We blogged for the Obama presidency, and we’re podcasting for the Trump one. Check us out on the various platforms: iTunes […]

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A Requiem for Black Intellectualism

Michael Eric Dyson penned an essay paying homage to the black digital intelligentsia in 2015 that paid homage to names that had some level of household recognition amongst black folks as well as some non-black circles naming people such as Ta-Nehesi Coates, Jelani Cobb, Melissa Harris Perry, Marc Lamont Hill, Jamilah Lemieux and Salamisha Temet. […]

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Bernie Sanders, a Post Mortem

“I move that Hillary Clinton be selected as the nominee of the Democratic Party.”   These words formally ended the broad based political revolution that Bernie Sanders, the senator from Vermont, had campaigned for so viciously.  Just like that.  In fact, Sanders’ political revolution ended the moment he failed to secure enough delegates.  His words as […]

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Murdered By No One

The dawn of Wednesday, July 6, 2016 brought about a renewed wave of anxiety in the country as yet another black man was killed by the police under questionable circumstances.  In conditions strikingly similar to that of Eric Garner, who was murdered by the Staten Island cops in 2014, the deceased, Alton Sterling, was a resident […]

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9 Things to Help You Understand Jesse Williams, Cultural Appropriation and General Blackness

Black pop-culture this week has been dominated by the firestorm of commentaries and stories emanating from the firebrand acceptance speech that Jesse Williams, the actor of “Grey’s Anatomy” delivered upon receiving Black Entertainment Television’s (BET) humanitarian award at their annual awards show.  The entire transcript is here, and it’s worth watching or reading.  My mind […]

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