Being True to Our Native Land: Why Thomas Chatterton Williams gets the race conversation wrong

Oppression messes with the mind. That’s a sentiment that has stuck with me in earnest during the second half of 2014.  As I personally embroiled myself with online conversations around race and gender that I found supremely frustrating and watch a nation grapple with race in a different manner following the deaths of Eric Garner […]

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Nothing to Lose, A Reflection

In lieu of flashpoint moments that have directly affected black Americans in the recent months, particularly the rape allegations of Bill Cosby, the tragic saga of Andrew “I am Delivert” Caldwell and the Church of God in Christ, and the prolonged moment of Ferguson that has has managed to arch over a few months, I […]

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When Keeping It Real Goes Black-ish

“Black-ish picks up the conversation the Huxtables were having when the cameras weren’t on.” –myself, 9/24/2014 To round off ABC’s Wednesday night line-up with millennial sit-coms using the pre-year 2000 format of focusing on the American family, after three back-to-back shows focusing predominantly on Anglo-Saxon families, there is a black family.  Well, I guess they’re black-ish. […]

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Why Social Media Consciousness is Okay The death of Michael Brown, the unarmed 18 year old of Ferguson, Missouri, shot by a cop under some questionable circumstances is but the most recent event that quickly gained national attention.  Brown’s death came only a day after cops in Beavercreek, Ohio outside of Dayton shot an unarmed […]

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