Black Men Are Good Enough

  For quite sometime my mother has had the title of this post on the message blackboard in the kitchen.  And that saying resonated with me as I saw this Nightline special that aired last week.  Here check it out. In case ABC comes and pulls the above clip, in short, Nightline decided to talk about […]

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Kwanzaa Reflections II: Umoja-Unity

Umoja (unity) — With God’s help, I will strive for and maintain unity in the family community, nation and race. Umoja is the first principle of Kwanzaa,and represented by the black candle (black for the people) and attempts to address the impossible.  Generally, when we think of unity, or that which is united, we, as modern-day Black […]

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Happy Christmas

Hopefully you’re Christmas is going better than mine. My laptop is in the shop and you know that’s my first love, I’m broke, Chicago is in the middle of an ice storm and soon to be snowstorm and who knows what the family is going to be on tomorrow when and if they show up.  […]

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