The Best Is Yet To Come?

Some say the best is yet to come while some say the best is right now living the present.  Whatever the case may be, I’m a bit swamped right now and it’s not midterms yet. Most already know how anxious I’ve been going into this year and most of the anxieties haven’t subsided a whole […]

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Obama: The New Black

Maybe I’ve been wrong about this whole President Barack Obama and his apparently passive aggressive response to the conservative rhetoric.  We’ve been long discussing how Obama seems to be unaware of his critics, and in fact how the administration seems to actually concede to criticism (consider how the White House issued a quick change of […]

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The Recession’s Racial Divide

So, school has started back and I’m trying to learn biblical Hebrew as a language that’s long be defunct.  It’s so outdated that this type of Hebrew consists of an alphabet with no vowels.  So the Masoretes came in between A.D. 500 and 1000 and created a “pointed text” in other words creating vowels, for […]

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