Where Obama Made A Mistake

I remember in the campaign days, and most certainly after the election that current President Barack Obama was fashioning himself after this country’s 16th president Abraham Lincoln. I remember in my own mind that I thought that that was highly weird, but I figured that since he ran the best campaign this country has ever […]

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On The Road, I Encountered a Storm

Okay, yesterday was the second worse trip driving back to Chicago.  Nothing can ever trump the “wintry mix” I encountered last winter when I came home for Christmas break.  Well, nothing unless an accident actually happened which thankfully didn’t.  So last night apparently I drove through some counties with active tornado warnings in northwest Indiana […]

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Long Time No See

I think this is the longest I’ve went without a post, without me saying I was going to dip out for a minute. Just for a status update, I’m actually in Atlanta now, about to head to Chicago after I fall back asleep for about an hour or so and get ready for that good […]

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