I don’t have my computer. A friggin’ APPLE MacBook is in the friggin’ shop–and I don’t have one.  I’m blogging on my friend’s computer, typing a sermon on a typewriter at home because otherwise it would be a handwritten mess on Sunday morning.  So, I’m not going to stress out over it, but I’m going […]

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The New Peculiar Institution

I’m not going to be able to watch this year’s “Black In America, Pt. 2” with America’s favorite Soledad O’Brien.  I did have the opportunity to watch it last year and like most in the black blogosphere ripped it to shreds. Most of us leveled the same charge that the two day special highlighted the […]

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To All My Single Ladies

This has been an age old question I’ve always wanted to know concerning women and their relationships with married men: why do mistresses always think that they are the number lady in the lives of the men they deal with?  Seriously, what situation does anyone know of where the man treats the mistress like a […]

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The Danger of Diversity

The Riverside Church of Manhattan on the Upper West Side comes to mind when one thinks of bastions of ecclesial liberalism.  And generally one calls to mind famous pastors of Henry Emerson Fosdick, William Sloane Coffin and the latest James Forbes.  Sadly, I’m sure in the history of this great institutional church, Dr. Brad Braxton […]

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