Another Uppity Update

Well, to put minds at ease, I found housing here on campus in Atlanta, but I don’t have an internet signal in my room–and for a blogger that’s a death knell.  So, I’ve been camped out in an empty classroom since 10Am this morning doing my epic blogs that I promised to have by today.  […]

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August 29th

Maybe the cosmic forces don’t like the end August.  Or maybe it’s just August in general as far as I’m concerned personally that major events happen. This is also the beginning of the school year for many students, a time a shifting and transitioning.  It is nearing the time that many farmers are doing final […]

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August 28th

“They said this day would never come.  They said our sights were set to high.  They said this country was too divided….but at this defining moment in history, you have done what the cynics said we couldn’t do…” Personally, Democratic Nominee Senator Barack Obama’s victory speech on January 3rd following the Iowa caucuses was my favorite.  It […]

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An Uppity Update

Yerp, it’s that time again. There’s another shift about to come in my life.  I guess I’m headed back to school in Atlanta.  I won’t take this time to vent all of my frustrations, but trust me they’re running quite high.  Just to give you a picture, I don’t have housing.  Yeah.  When I pull […]

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Put Your Hat Back On!

I’ll admit that I’ve kind of been baffled by gender roles. Like, I never understood why I couldn’t hit girls, especially if she hit me first.  I never understood why a man was supposed to walk on the street side with a woman–especially when it seemed Mama Uppity frustratingly was the only woman who seemed […]

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