Sponsoring a Dream

We all have seen those commercials with children looking lost, with flies lighting on them, distended stomachs from severe starvation; playing or standing on piles of rubbish and garbage and outright sewage.  Most of us turn away, including yours truly, because it’s really hard and painful to watch as most of us sit in the […]

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Guess Who’s Bizzak

Whew…. (and again I say…) Whew! I just came back from camping with the youth group to Creation Fest 2008!  A four day, three night camping experience on the Agape Farms near Mt. Union, Pennsylvania.  Suffice it to say, that was not necessarily my cup of tea.  However, I must say that I’ve grown from […]

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What’s REALLY good?

Well, I’m definitely going to be gone for a few days this week, and the week of July 6th, but I will share about the place my work is leaving for tomorrow.  It’s this place called Creation.  Out in the middle of nowhere. On a farm. Yeah….this should be fun. I looked at the schedule […]

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Obama’s Image Problem

 Ever since I personally felt dissed by Obama and his disavowal of Jeremiah Wright in late April and more importantly for me, allowing for outright mistruths concerning the Black Church and that which is the black preacher and many other nuances of black culture to be passed on to unsuspecting liberal and conservative whites alike […]

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Does This Happen At Your Church?

Hmmmm…. I may start to periodically find some Youtube church clips that I’ve found particularly funny or particularly interesting.  For those of you who don’t know already, I’m pretty into church and into the musical and preaching aspects specifically of the Black Church.  It’s a rich history and runs the full gamut of that which […]

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