Good Press for Obama’s pastor?

An Obamawatch 2008! exclusive article. This is an article that I received via email concerning the media’s perpetual fascination with Sen. Barack Obama and his pastor at Trinity United Church of Christ, Rev. Dr. Jeremiah A. Wright Jr.  I think it does stand to reason that any article published in a newspaper of a major […]

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Obamawatch 2008!

We are now on Obamawatch 2008! I vowed that after the South Carolina primaries, and the presumable win of Sen. Obama that I would then put the Uppity Negro Network on Obamawatch and make a concerted effort to pay closer attention to the political pundits since I can now avail myself of the cable news […]

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Back on the Grind

This post is intended to merely announce (and in a weird way) celebrate my return back to the grind of school life.  As I drove the nearly 11 hours back to Atlanta during the middle of the night at the end of Martin Luther King Day, I heard a particular news report that said that […]

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