Is she really that happy from making cereal?  Or have we really been that bamboozled–allowing the energetic African American lady holler like that from the truck with the hair net and glasses… “You’re unnecessarily perky…and you remind me of my French teacher from grammar school…and I didn’t like my French teacher when I was a […]


Ret. Brig. Gen. Keith Kerr/Campaign trail rancor carries into GOP debate

This was my first Republican debate that I watched.  Personally, I believe Congressman Ron Paul was the shining example of inclusive Republican politics.  However, I’m a Democrat and my vote will be cast for Sen. Barack Obama of my home church Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago, and my U.S. Senator as well.   I’d personally like to ponder the […]

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Land Where Our Fathers Died…

If I can be personal for a moment…. My cousin asked me to come to Memphis for Thanksgiving break.  (So prayerfully I will still have enough monetary resources to return to Chicago for Christmas break.)  And I made three stops, one in Anniston, Alabama to buy some Burger King, once in Birmingham to fill up […]

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In Defense of Pentecostals….

As I sat in one Atlanta’s finest Pentecostal churches last night for their weekly evening service, I pondered what kept me drawn to the church relatively often.  I as I saw people in various forms of ecstatic worship and praise, I was reminded of Pavlov’s dog experiment and ultimately a lesson in classical conditioning.  The […]

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