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NBA Nerd Swag: The NBA’s Impotent Infantilizing Style

Black fashion in the last three to four years did hard U-turn and at the current moment we’ve completely decided to head retro with fashion and styles on both sides of the gender aisle.  I remember watching “Precious” which took place in the late 1980s and I couldn’t necessarily see a big difference in the … Continue reading

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Touré, Hip Hop Provocateur or Social Media Pimp: A Devolution of Postblackness

If I had to give this piece a subtitle to the subtitle it would be what the name of the article I have over at FWDNation “a devolution of postblackness in primetime.” In case you’re wondering what I’m talking about, it stems from an interview that Touré gave on Piers Morgan’s CNN show two weeks ago.  Touré  … Continue reading

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Should We Change the Black National Anthem? My Response to Toure

This morning I log onto Facebook and I see a link to an article entitled “It’s Time for a New Black National Anthem” entitled by black cultural critic and favorite provocateur  Touré.  He’s making the claim from his opening paragraph that there might be a need for a new Black National Anthem given that the … Continue reading