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Dear Black People…

Dear White People Concept Trailer from Justin Simien on Vimeo. In the vein of “Higher Learning” and “School Daze” there is a spoof video that is premiering at 2014 Sundance called “Dear White People” highlighting the interactions of black faces in the white space of ivy league-esque collegiate education.  I watched the trailer, and of … Continue reading

The American Blackness of The Great Gatsby
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The American Blackness of The Great Gatsby

I know it has been some time since “The Great Gatsby (2013)” has debuted and was panned by a few critics, but I certainly would like to offer some discourse to the movie from my perspective. I remember reading The Great Gatsby, the novel my sophomore year of high school, and I actually did pull the … Continue reading

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Should We Change the Black National Anthem? My Response to Toure

This morning I log onto Facebook and I see a link to an article entitled “It’s Time for a New Black National Anthem” entitled by black cultural critic and favorite provocateur  Touré.  He’s making the claim from his opening paragraph that there might be a need for a new Black National Anthem given that the … Continue reading