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Django’s Unchained Melody

I remember seeing the trailer for Quentin’s Tarantino “Django’s Unchained” a few months back and I groaned with the rest of the black members of the audience.  Honestly, it wasn’t at the casting choice of Jamie Foxx, or even seeing Leonardo DiCaprio as a slave owner, but really it was the issue of slavery.  We, … Continue reading

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Being Black and Dealing With Postcolonialism in a Postmodern World

Editors note: This is probably going to be one of my longer posts, maybe not, depends on how quickly I work it out. But if I go over my standard 1,500 characters so be it.  So go get get the tea, coffee or print this bad boy out because I’m here until it’s done. A … Continue reading

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Sunday Morning Coffee Break: Eddie Glaude’s “The Black Church Is Dead?”

This is a piece forwarded to me by one of my readers and Twitter followers @tsboddy on a piece that Princeton professor Eddie Glaude, Ph.D. wrote for the Huffington Post entitled “The Black Church is Dead.”  Clearly this is up my alley and I plan to have a response to this later on this week. … Continue reading

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The Failure of Black Elitism: An Armchair Case Study of Morehouse College

In the words and tonality of President Barack Obama in his State of the Union address let me be perfectly clear that I hate elitism in the black community with a burning passion.  It has done nothing but separate us economically and rendered us even further divided on class boundaries. That being said, I’m over … Continue reading