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Obama’s Nod to Black Feminine Beauty

Okay, I’ve been behind recently as far as current events go and leaving some sage commentary.  That being said, I know I’m a bit behind concerning what was deemed a gaffe by many people on both sides of the political spectrum, by President Obama concerning California Attorney General Kamala Harris. The line was simply “the … Continue reading

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A Black Man’s Response to “Such A Big Ego: Why Some Black Men Have A Problem With ‘Scandal'”

I remember over a year ago I somewhat promised myself that I wasn’t going to use my blogging voice to delve into the torrid cyber-battles between black women and black men.   One relatively well-known black female blogger (who come to find out we have tons of friends in common and she’s dating a grade school … Continue reading

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For Black Male Intellectuals Who Have Considered Suicide When Black Women Were Too Much

[Editor’s note:  The gross generalizations when using the blanket terms of “black women” or “black men” are not to be understood as engaging the stereotype of “all” and lumping everyone into broad categories.  But for the sake of easy communication in an already lengthy blog post, please adjust your comprehension accordingly.  That is to say, … Continue reading