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What Do We Owe The Japanese? The Aftermath of the Tsunami

One of my friends on Facebook posted as his status on March 15, only a few days after the earthquake and tsunami in northern Japan Does Japan really need our help? I think they are fully capable of helping themselves. America’s priorities are so messed up! Aside from my response, which I’ll get to later, one … Continue reading

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The Strange Occurrence of the Uppity Negro and the Uncle Tom: Jalen Rose and Grant Hill

On this past Sunday night, ESPN had a much anticipated documentary on the namesake Fab Five team of starters on the 1991-92 Michigan (University of Michigan) basketball squad.  They’re known for radically changing the aesthetics of college basketball and the NBA as we know it–and being good basketball players at that.  For what was a … Continue reading

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Living In Lo-Debar: The Miscommunication of Religious Politics

Last night I received an email last night on Facebook email that led me to the blog of Rai King.  The article was sensationally entitled “Taking A Stand Against a Child Molesting Pastor.”  I went on to read the article and realized that this was a piece written naming Bishop Johnathan Alvarado of Total Grace … Continue reading

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Corporal Punishment and the Pornography of Violence: An Armchair Case Study of St. Augustine Catholic School

Corporal punishment in schools has been an issue of debate for a couple of centuries in Western society in the modern era.  To fast forward to just the last century or so there had been cases of corporal punishment that wasn’t just extended toward children, but also toward women as well.  It wasn’t until the … Continue reading