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Point-Counterpoint Guest Post: Why Obama WILL Be Re-Elected Next Year

Today, The Urban Politico and The Uppity Negro have joined forces to tackle an impending question that has rapidly moved to the forefront of our collective minds in these recent days since we’ve officially arrived in the year 2011: Will President Barack Obama be re-elected next year?  It’s a simple question but it doesn’t necessarily … Continue reading

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Dealing With Racism in a Post-Racial America

  Today on Facebook, one of my professors had posted a link to the New York Times article covering the Sons of the Confederacy and their commemoration of the swearing in of Confederate President Jefferson Davis 150 years earlier on February 19, 1861 in Montgomery, Alabama, the first capital of the Confederate States of America (CSA).   … Continue reading

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State of Emergency: We Who Believe In Freedom Cannot Rest

At the risk of sounding yet another clarion call for action that goes unheard, I still feel compelled to discuss the massive and total failure of many of our systems that are in place within the boundaries of the black community.  The failure to do what needs to be done is comparable to the levee … Continue reading