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For Colored Persons Who Have Considered Suicide When Being “Black In America” Is Enough: An Uppity Negro Response to CNN’s Black In America III

I know that’s a long title and certainly hyperbolic, but I think it addresses the gutted and eviscerated feeling that I experienced watching CNN’s Soledad O’Brien “Almighty Debt” a Black In America special.  Granted I went into this third installment of the Black In America series with some serious preconceived notions.  Rightly so I believe. … Continue reading

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Mainstream Media Gets It Wrong Again: The Black Church in American Culture

On Wednesday, October 20, posted a news article entitled “Black preachers who ‘whoop’ — minstrel or ministers?” that amongst the black churchy folk was a subject of tweets and Facebook status updates; many went so far as to link the news story to their Facebook pages engendering comments aptly defining the “whoop” (pronounced “hoop”) … Continue reading

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Tolerance and Acceptance Goes Both Ways: A Response to “The Mean Girls of Morehouse College”

It’s hard being in the minority. It’s hard being the only black person in a classroom or the workplace.  It’s hard being the only woman on a board of directors or sitting on a pulpit rostrum.  This is because our societal psychology dictates that we fall back on stereotypical extrapolation to understand people: the only … Continue reading

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“Don’t Talk About My Mama!” and Other Problems With Black Intellectual Rhetoric

We’ve all had that moment when we realize that a conversation somehow strayed down a rabbit-hole and turned into a debate, and that debate got intense and turned into an argument.  Somewhere deep down inside you were maintaining your cool when all of a sudden the other Negro made it personal and said something about … Continue reading