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The Gospel According to Glenn Beck and Other Protest Rallies

Let it be noted here, that this uppity Negro said it early on: there will be a Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin ticket in the future–very possibly in 2012.  Either one as a president, although I do think Beck is a chauvinist and it would certainly be a lot for him to play second fiddle to Sarah … Continue reading

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Why You Stay in The Friend Zone: A Message to my Fellow Black Men

I’ll admit it, I’m a chronic sufferer of being in the “friend zone.”  Cue the “dark and stormy night” music with a crack of thunder and bolt of lightning (and just imagine those sounds effects every time I write “friend zone.”  Look, there it is again.)  Fellas, you’ve been there at LEAST once, for some … Continue reading

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When Religious Freedom Affects “Real Americans”: The Mosque Near Ground Zero

I really sometimes stand in awe of the political memory of the collective American people.  I still stand that in general we don’t remember from week to week barely what happens at the intersection of politics, economics, religion and the general social climate of the day.  Those of us who do keep up and try … Continue reading

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Lies My Community Told Me: “Black Folk Don’t Do Those Things!”

Like many black folks around this country, our hearts sank, yet again when we discovered that the shooter at the Manchester, Connecticut Budweiser Hartford Distribution plant was black.  I, like others I’m sure, immediately said “Black folks don’t do those things” or something similar when we first heard about the news.  You know, black folks … Continue reading