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My Encounter With An Atheist, and others who suffer from the I’m The Only Enlightened One Syndrome

The other week on a certain blog, another blogger had contributed a post that spoke to the growing trend secularism within the black community.  This particular blogger had taken exception to the one and only Steve Harvey (although can I blame her) concerning a statement he made about black women choosing “a good black man.” … Continue reading

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Why Are Black Female Bloggers Single and Giving out Relationship Advice?

Hey, it’s a hot topic so I’m still writing about it. I know my cousin back in Chicago is probably tired of me writing about it, but hey, it’s what I do, I still love ya @ellafay! But, it did recently dawn on me and some other friends the other day that a lot of … Continue reading

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Uppity Negro News Briefs

Since I’ve been graduating and without a television a LOT of news has happened since mid-April and here goes it with me starting in back chronological order: 1. Georgia’s Attorney General Thurbert Baker blocking the health care law suit Well, clearly GOP Georgia Gov. Sonny “Partly Cloudy” Perdue found a way to get around it, … Continue reading