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American 21st Century Tyranny: Arizona Immigration and other Ethnic Issues

Without fail, the wantonly foolish of this country create and invent new reasons that make other countries that are not the United States look more and more appealing for relocation. As if the passing of the immigration reform law last week by Arizona was not enough, and the criticism from the White House of an … Continue reading

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Is the Experiment of Capitalism Over?

So just recently Greece was yet another nation that is poised to declare it’s insolvency.  I heard on NPR that Greece has a debt that is 115% of it’s GDP.  That is to say that the Greek economy couldn’t even produce it’s way out of debt if it wanted to.  Greece joins the rather short … Continue reading

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The Four Ways Black Folk Listen to a Sermon

The following is a piece entitled “Two Ships Passing in the Night” by Rev. Cleophus LaRue, Ph.D. in the book What’s the Matter with Preaching Today? edited by Mike Graves.  LaRue does a piece to address the differences between what is considered black preaching styles and non-black preaching styles. Essentially saying that both sides have … Continue reading