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Sunday Morning Coffee Break: Eddie Glaude’s “The Black Church Is Dead?”

This is a piece forwarded to me by one of my readers and Twitter followers @tsboddy on a piece that Princeton professor Eddie Glaude, Ph.D. wrote for the Huffington Post entitled “The Black Church is Dead.”  Clearly this is up my alley and I plan to have a response to this later on this week. … Continue reading

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The Failure of Black Elitism: An Armchair Case Study of Morehouse College

In the words and tonality of President Barack Obama in his State of the Union address let me be perfectly clear that I hate elitism in the black community with a burning passion.  It has done nothing but separate us economically and rendered us even further divided on class boundaries. That being said, I’m over … Continue reading

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North Versus South: Social Awareness Versus Black Elitism

I just came from spending the better part of my afternoon with my friend, The Critical Cleric after I dropped off my application to Emory’s Candler School of Theology and somehow as we were sitting at Landmark Jr. cafe, and we were discussing this one young lady who went to our school (now his alma … Continue reading