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Things This Uppity Negro Likes: American Cities Pt. 1: Washington, D.C.

Anyone who’s known me since about, oh, 2005 knows where my ultimate goal in life is: Washington, D.C. I know sometimes you’re supposed to keep some things “close to your heart” a lesson many of us hear preached and taught to us via Joseph the dreamer from the Hebrew Bible book of Genesis.  We all … Continue reading

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Members of the Black Church Should Demand A Return on Investment

I remember in my Finance 101 class the professor giving us the formulas for how to figure out return on investment of the principal or capital deposit.  The answer usually produced what was also known as the rate of return, either in fraction or percentage form.  It’s basic math, the final value of the investment … Continue reading

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Speaking Truths That Empower

Most liberals are familiar with the phrase “[speak] truth to power” which I always loosely associated with social justice messages, particularly those from the pulpit.  But, when pressed on the issue, I wasn’t able to give a cogent definition of what the “truth” was and let alone what the “power” was.  So when I heard … Continue reading