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MTV Only sees Premarital ‘Sex’ as a Problem With Young Girls

I’m making the general assumption that some of my older readers aren’t aware of this television show on MTV called “Sex With Mom and Dad.”  I don’t know if any other bloggers have attacked the show from this angle, so if they have, I apologize for the upcoming redundancy….oh well.  But, usually when I watch … Continue reading

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Let The Dead Bury The Dead

This whole weekend everyone on campus, along with my friends back in Chicago have been proclaiming the tragedy of Jennifer Hudson’s mother and brother.  On yesterday the news of her nephew’s murder came to light in addition to the double murder on the campus of University of Central Arkansas.  As for metro Atlanta, there was news … Continue reading

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Sunday Morning Coffee Break: ‘Religulous’ Movie Review

I treated myself on Friday night to go see Bill Maher’s new movie “Religulous.”  I joked, half serious that I was renouncing Christianity and assuming a belief system based on love.  As far as I’m concerned Maher did a pretty accurate depiction of everyday, borderline evangelical Christianity in this country. The opening venue is a … Continue reading