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My Sunday Morning Revelation: The Irrelevancy of The Black Church

I’ve had it up to here! While there are substantive ministries that exist in our cities today, just how much is tradition going to mire us in the prototypical Civil Rights Era of the Black Church.  The fact that I watched a Nightline episode this past week about a Humanist society in Palo Alto, California … Continue reading

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My Theolgy of Preaching, Part IV: The Seven Last Words

I had the honor and distinction of preaching what amounted to my trial/first sermon here in Atlanta, well, Marietta, Georgia on March 21st, 2008 at a Seven Last Words service.  For those inquiring minds I had the Third Word, John 19:25-27, “Woman, here is you son….Here is you mother!”  And for further inquiries, the title … Continue reading

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My Theology of Preaching, Pt. III: Coded Language

Even in the face of remarks deemed controversial by the mainstream media (MSM) concerning Obama’s pastor, I feel that there is a need to speak on the issue of black preaching.  I did some opposition research and watched the O’Reilly Factor on FOXNews and those who frequent his show are familiar with his segment called … Continue reading

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Obama’s Pastor Uncovers a Hidden Reality of a Second America

Isn’t it interesting that just as Obama’s pastor Rev. Dr. Jeremiah A. Wright Jr. celebrated 36 of ministry at Trinity United Church of Christ, and retiring as senior pastor from that pulpit that the new firestorm concerning his pastor is being trotted out again in front of the media as though this is something new.  … Continue reading